How common is your surname?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dragon, Aug 23, 2006.

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  2. Mirage

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    Fischer is surname number 416 in the USA.

    Not bad! :D Thanks for the link. That's a cool little tool. :)

    I checked a few others too:

    Smith was #1 and Johnson was #2. Go figure. Those names are everywhere. The funny thing is there really isn't any way for any other name to catch up. The more people who have the same last name, the more people there will end up being with that last name, at least technically speaking.
  3. MenInTights

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    wow- I am top 75. Never would have guessed that!
  4. Bunny_roses

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    mine ranked 123 that's pretty cool
  5. Nightsurfer

    Nightsurfer ~Lucky 13 strikes again~

    Well mine was the highest so far with 4801. :nod: :lol: :D
  6. Mirage

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    Haha! :)
  7. Mr_Snipes

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    Well my surname is not among the 55,000 top surnames listed in the database.
  8. AngelsPeak

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    My maiden name....64

    Mothers maiden name.....3156

    Married name (using his mom) 1232

    Married name (using his dad).....17574

    Long story about his last names, so don't ask.:)
  9. doubles2004

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    LOL yea the smiths are always on top

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