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How close/far do you live


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What's the farthest you've lived from your birthplace if your current residence is closer?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Haha not far for me -- I was born in St. Louis and live there. I did live in Columbia, MO for a while for college.


still nobody's bitch
The farthest I've lived from Ann Arbor is about 50 miles. I couldn't stand being that far away. I can't imagine ever not living in Ann Arbor.


Registered Member
About 5700 miles and I dont remember living anywhere closer. But I do want to live near the ocean someday and that would be closer. I was very young when I left my birthplace so mostly Ive just lived here and all I remember about that is snow. Tons of snow that was only gone 2-3 months in summer. But its warm here (12C or 54F) and thats way better than walking on snow and ice in December.