How clean is your XHTML code?


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I've been using this cool little tool lately to narrow in on some code problems:

It's a nice way to find exactly where your errors are, (if any) and what you should do to fix them.

I found it interesting to check up on a few big names: currently has 2 errors passed with 0 errors currently has 9 errors currently has 55 errors... passed with 0 errors
:) currently has 133 errors!

Microsoft and Mozilla win. :)

Of course currently has 45 errors.. (Booo!) but they are mostly stupid things like embedded tables.. hehe. I just started fixing this today though and I've knocked down quite a few errors so far. :) Shooting for passing with 0 errors soon. :D


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Along with this, I recommend the O'Reilly book Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML... it's the textbook for my Internet Programming class, and I have to say it's the best textbook I've ever bought. They cover these standards really well.