How cheap are you

This link brings you to stories of some disgustingly cheap people, which makes me cheap are all of you?
What strange, off the wall things have you done to save a few bucks?
I actually need to become more like some of these people, I have an awful time saving money.

Cheapest Person I Know -- 7th Edition - WalletPop


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God most of those people are total dicks. I've never been that cheap. If I owe someone something I give them something. That donut & ants story was sick though. If only he knew that the ants basically slowly piss across things they walk over, maybe he would have thought twice.


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Being cheap is for douchebags,i know ppl who are that cheap,but i am not,was never,and hopefully will never be cheap..


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I don't consider myself cheap at all, if I want something then I usually buy it. I rather pay for something a little more expensive that's better quality, then something that is cheap and will be broken in two weeks.


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I've recycled bathwater too. After the kids take a bath, I sometimes use the water to clean some of their toys or the bathroom mats.


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I look for bargains but yipes. Some of those stories are crazy.


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I am an overspender.. I buy people things all the time.. And I am the kind of person that believes you get what you pay for.. I wish I were a little tighter with my money, but I get by.


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I have no budget control at all.

I like to go by the "you only live once" mentality.

It's better to be known as an overspender than a tight fisted git.


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The page doesn't load?

I wouldn't consider myself to be super cheap or anything but since I'm 15 and don't have a job yet there are some limitations, if I'm shopping on ebay or something I'll make sure to find what I want not settle for something else just because it's cheaper.


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I sometimes walk to not pay bus fair, or occasionally skip a meal, so I don't have to buy one. But there's a difference between being cheap and being a jerk or an idiot. Rationing toilet paper is guaranteed to be a problem. I know for a fact there are occasionally times when you need WAY more than just a few squares of toilet paper.

Taking the tip that someone else left is actually stealing.

But something like saving your lunch meat for the next meal? A little weird, but not gross or rude or anything. I did something like that - I was on a trip to Illinois, and we stopped by Subway. I ordered a $5 foot long sandwich, and saved half of it for lunch the next day (although I saved the entire half, not just meat).

Being cheap is for douchebags,i know ppl who are that cheap,but i am not,was never,and hopefully will never be cheap..
That's nonsense. I'm often cheap, but I never stiff someone, or steal from them, or do something really gross just to save money.
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