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"How Can Someone Not Believe in God?"


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How can someone not believe in God? It is impossible for there not to be a god something had to have of created everything
I'm just so sick of people saying they don't believe in god, because there is one, no matter what you think or say. Even if our god is a rock, we have a god.
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Even if our god is a rock, we have a god.
Says who? You?

The ability to choose to believe in a god/gods is a basic human right in my mind. It doesn't mean you have to submit to the idea that there is one.

Besides, why do you care? Why does it bother you that there are atheists out there?


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Why are you concerned with what others believe? Do your own thing, man.

I mean, I once believed in some semblance of a god, then I questioned it. I spent years of questioning it as an Agnostic, and then science proved itself to me and rationalism took over. Atheists such as myself aren't misplaced confused people, and it's not that we believe in nothing-- we simply don't believe that an all-seeing all-knowing entity sitting on a cloud in the atmosphere, dodging fighter jets and commercial airliners.

Not everyone is going to believe what you believe. You will find huge chunks even in different Christian sects that you won't agree with on decisive issues. But don't write people off just because they don't mesh with your ideology-- we can learn from one another as people, and we can coexist. But demanding 'Agree with me or be silent' like you are now, that causes friction and animosity. That inspires paragraphs like the one above that end with one-liners created merely just to piss a person off. We may question one another's philosophies, but philosophies do not dictate a person's worth. If you treat people as irrelevant because of religious judgement, they will treat you worse.


How can someone not believe in God?
I find it equally as puzzling as to how any adult person can believe in God? To me that's the same as a fully grown man or woman believing in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. But at the same time, to each their own. If people want to believe in God, that's fine, it's up to them. I don't, and let me tell you, it's REALLY easy not to believe in God haha.


Free Spirit
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They can not believe in God the same way you believe in God, freedom of choice.

In some countries people aren't so lucky they either believe or be killed for it. Then if you don't believe in the right religion you can be killed for that. Be thankful there is a choice because the choice taken away might be yours.


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It requires faith to believe in God. Therefore, in the absence of faith someone can not believe in God. That's the logical answer to the question.


It is impossible for there not to be a god something had to have of created everything
Science has several very good theories (for the uneducated among us, a simplistic explanation: in the scientific sense, theories are essentially proof) explaining where everything has come from. We know the origins of the modern life on our earth, of our earth itself and the solar system, of our sun, and of large portions of the visible cosmos. We have the good sense to not invent solutions to the problems we are currently unable to solve. We possess enough foresight to realize that even if we don't know something yet, we are constantly learning and discovering more about our universe and will one day be able to answer those questions.

Just because I don't know where my keys are yet, it doesn't mean they were hidden by an imaginary key hiding demon... even if someone I respect tells me that a demon hid the keys, and even if someone writes an important looking book all about that tricky demon, I'll keep looking and eventually discover they fell off the table and got kicked under the couch. Just because we don't know the origins of everything yet, it doesn't mean it was all made by an imaginary creator deity... We'll keep looking, and discover the true history of the universe's origins.
I'm just so sick of people saying they don't believe in god, because there is one, no matter what you think or say. Even if our god is a rock, we have a god.
You're sick of it? It bothers you that much? How does it even impact your life in any way if someone doesn't believe in a god (except perhaps to challenge your beliefs and cause you to think critically... which is a good thing!)? It's easy to bring to mind religious groups that have missionaries, regularly proselytize and recruit, and otherwise try to impose their beliefs onto others; while my private life has been interrupted many times by those attempting to convert me to their god, I've never had to get up from dinner to talk to an atheist at my door.

Besides, what god are you even talking about? If you're a Christian, it's surely no more absurd to believe in no god than it is to believe in the Hindu gods, Greek gods, Egyptian gods, etc... Realistic estimates show that there have been more than 60,000 religious groups throughout human history. If an atheist doesn't believe in all 60,000 of those gods, a theist doesn't believe in 59,999 of them... in that context, it should be easy to realize how someone can not believe in god.

And really? A rock? If someone told you they believed a rock in their hand created everything, you'd find that more realistic, believable, and sane than someone telling you "I don't know yet, but I hope to find out"? That's just... sad... are people really so desperate for answers? Are people really so afraid to admit they don't know something yet?


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Why? How can someone believe in god? If they not even seen one. We are observer we observe and think to believe. There are a lot of religion exists, is that mean there are lots of gods or just because we see thing differently. According to one of the religion which believes that the world was not created by anyone that have conscious, mortal or immortal. It just existed by its own, and the theory is simple and scientifically..... To create it would be easier with just time and possibility.....and when it is done after billions of years it would only exists with the observe of the conscious beings. But this doesn't mean that god is not exist. God is just simply the existence that is far greater than we homo sapiens.


The Hierophant
People can choose not to believe in God for lots of reasons. Maybe they were brought up in an anti religious family. Maybe they list their faith after something terrible happened to them. Perhaps they just started to question what they believe in and why they believe what they do.

It doesn't really matter, though. You aren't in control of their life, and you shouldn't let their decisions have such abig impact on your life. Personally, I don't believe in God, the devil, heaven or hell.

Maybe your faith is the right faith, maybe it isn't, but that's not for me to say. What is for me to say, however, is that my personal faith makes me happy, doesn't hurt anyone, and let's me live my life not constantly worrying about what's going to happen next. And, in the end, isn't that all that really matters?


How can someone not believe in God? It is impossible for there not to be a god something had to have of created everything
I'm just so sick of people saying they don't believe in god, because there is one, no matter what you think or say. Even if our god is a rock, we have a god.
A rock? Interesting. One would have to have a most curious definition of "god" such that a rock might qualify. So, if there was a bundle of energy and it went boom and created everything, but this bundle of energy had the consciousness of a rock, would it qualify in your book as a "god"? Just curious.

To strike at the heart of your question though, the most common oppositions to the idea of a divine creator (in my experience) include (but are not limited to) the following.

"I would rather believe in a universe with no god than one with a god that allows the sorts of cruelty that man imposes upon one another."

"The universe isn't perfect, and neither are people, so how can they be created by a perfect being?"

"I am in control of my own fate. There is no invisible being choosing it for me."

"Gods and Devils are excuses for the evil that men do, nothing more."

"You live and you die and there is nothing more, so I live as I choose and am accountable to nobody. "

"Nobody is going to control me with rules that supposedly appease their fictional deity."

"I used to believe, but when I needed god the most my prayers went unanswered."

"If there is a god, then show me."

(The opinions expressed above are not necessarily those of the presenter)

- Chameleon
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