How can people be so mean


Hell, It's about time!
So this is a rather sad story that happened to me today. I was at work today and before I left I went to go run the trash out. While I was out at the dumpster I heard some meowing like a cat. But it was more like a kitten meow. So I look around trying to find it, and around behind the dumpster I found a box with a big brown paper shopping bag closed up inside and it was moving around. I went to go open the bag and there were 3 kittens inside :( One sadly was dead. The other two were meowing, cramped and confined. They were standing but were wobbley. Their eyes were open and they seemed rather eager to see me. Well I picked the box up and brought it inside the back door at work. I went to clock out since it was the end of my shift and went home with the kittens. I burried the one out back and have the other two kittens in a spare cat bed next to a warmer/heater thing I have. When I got them home I figured they needed to be fed. They sucked down some baby formula that I gave them since they didn't seem to respond to wet kitten food. The vet is not open today... I can't have two more cats. I don't know what to do... They are helpless and I can't just get rid of them... someone help :(

I still can't figure out why someone would just dump a few kittens like that.


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Some people are bastards.

I think it would be nice of you if you took care of them until you could get them to an animal centre/vet. They'll appreciate your help and I'm sure they'll find them a good loving home. What you did was awesome and it put a smile on my face that you rescued 2 of them.
I am a big animal lover and don't understand how anyone could be so neglectful but it does happen, sadly.


Hell, It's about time!
They are the most affectionate kittens. My other cats seem to be "taking care of them". I have two boys, and the one is sitting with them, and seems to be looking over them. I've been playing with them a bit as well. I'm guessing they are about 3-4 weeks old. I might just keep them :cute: Although 4 cats would be a hand full as I already have 2 now.
Edit: I did call the vet emergency line since I have taken my cats there before. I talked to the vet on call and he said to keep on doing what I am doing, and he will see us tomorrow morning :)
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That's awesome what your doing for them man, I can't stand to see animals suffer because of our ignorance.

Your doing the right thing and im sure things will workout, just keep an eye out for someone looking for a young kitten and you'll find a nice home for them.


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You did the right thing pro2A. It's unfortunate that people do that but luckily you were there at the right time. Too bad you weren't able to get there for the 1st cat but I wouldn't beat yourself up over it. You did all you could do and because of that the other 2 are safe now. :)