Movies How Can Music Effect The Mood?

Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by Altanzitarron, Aug 4, 2008.

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    Definitely not just the music. It's the editing that does most of it if you ask me. The selection of shots makes a much bigger impact than the music itself.
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    Actually a student from my school did the "Shining" trailer.

    Agreed. The music doesn't change that much compared to the alternative editing. The music help sets the mood yes, but the editing changes the story altogether.

    Also please go fish (in a manner of speaking):

    YouTube - Must Love Jaws

    The music plays a bigger part in this one, but it's all in the editing.
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    haha that's awesome italiano. I take for granted that the key is in the editing. Obviously if different clips from the shinning had been shown the illusion would be lost. However there are some scenes with Jack looking a bit scary and I think the music plays a big part in creating this parody.

    Some films in general tend to rely too much on the emotional manipulation that music can have.
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    Oh yes, the music does set the mood to it and the editor does choose the music (at least for something like this). The way the edits and cuts flow between the music and the footage also makes a big difference which is also the editor's doing so yeah, music can be an editor's best friend or worst enemy.

    I agree, there are some movies that have waaay too much music in them or a bad selection of music like ACROSS THE UNIVERSE or CHAOS THEORY. For the record I love the Beatles but ACROSS THE UNIVERSE might as well have been a large music video of their discography.

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