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How are y'all doing during this epidemic?


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Hey All

I know not everyone is out and about and those that are for the most part are doing their due diligence to practice social distancing for as much as they can. Reason why I post this thread is to check in on everyone to see how they're fairing regardless of isolation and circumstance. How are y'all doing mentally? Getting your meals in regularly? Able to get out for some fresh air periodically/when you can?

Just doing a general check-in all around. for myself I keep busy working, and stay in touch with friends during the week and keep in contact with my gaming group on the weekends. So, I'd say pretty sane and stable for the most part.



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I've done well physically and emotionally during the coronavirus pandemic, for the most part.

The one problem I have had during the pandemic is that I had some goals I wanted to achieve this summer. And I may not be able to because of the virus. For example, I wanted to take a rental and do some travelling. But I may have to wait quite some time before I can actually do that.


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I quit my job in November to do my own thing, so I was already working remote when COVID hit. I prefer that anyway, so no major issues there.

As for everything else, I like having the excuse to not be so busy doing things. I’ve appreciated being able to slow down. I don’t like what it has done to everyone though. People are so divided and COVID has become a political thing now.


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I consider myself fortunate enough to have a job that I can work from home so I'm not experiencing much economic disruption from the pandemic. My wife used to do Instacart and GrubHub so she isn't working these days because we have a new grandson as of late March and we don't want to risk exposing him or his parents. Our son and his wife live close and we consider our two households pretty much one.

My wife does most of the shopping for the two households and is extremely diligent about wearing a mask and disinfecting before exposing others in our family group.

I get out to walk the dogs every morning and it's very easy to stay more than six feet away from people but I still carry a mask just in case. I also do a walk in the afternoon with the dogs in a stroller (they're small dogs and can't walk as fast as I want to) and we can also stay away from people then but I also carry a mask then too.

We actually got up to Lake Tahoe to go camping on the 3rd and 4th of July and our campsite was well away from others. We did minimal shopping and interacting with others and stayed away from crowded areas. It was wonderful to get out and we felt very safe doing so.

So I'm doing fine and feel very lucky to be in the position I'm in.


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I'm far busier than I was before. Going to take a 12 day vacation starting Saturday to get away from it all. Getting burned out.


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I'm getting tired of not being able to go anywhere or do anything. Because of covid I can't go shopping like I wish I could and because of cancer I can't even mow my own lawn, vacuum my floor or any number of things I would like to do. If I could do more around the house I don't think having to stay home would bother me as much as its starting to. I just go out of the hospital again and being in there don't help things.


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I've still been doing some volunteer work during this pandemic.

I've been performing volunteer work for many years. And the virus has not stopped me from doing volunteer work, fortunately.