How addicted are YOU to the Internet?


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C'mon now, don't lie! We all know that you're always online! Why, you're on this site all the time, are you not? You don't go on this site too much? Well, you're on now, correct?

You know that you want to go on allll the time. In fact, there just aren't enough hours in the day, right? I mean...who wouldn't want to spend their lazy, wannabe ass on the computer all day searching useless information?

Eck. Apparently "other" things are more important. And apparently eating. And...blinking...

I love the internet! I can only get on during the weekends though. I wouldn't say that I am too addicted. I am one of those who can live without checking my email *Gasp!* I hate email. I'm pushing 2000 now. I used to check my email regularly, but they kept getting longer and longer, and I kept getting more and more. I just got sick of checking it. Now people know to IM me, and they know that I won't check my email unless someone tells me that they gave me something.

Yes, I am pitiful.

The internet's my number one source for finding info 'cause it's so easy! (Stupid kids these days. Can't sit down for an hour and search through a book...)

Since I'm not allowed to sit down on the computer all day, I am forced to have a life, which isn't fair! I hate having a life. You have to stuff. >.> much are you on the internet? And don't lie! We know you! We know you all...

Damn! I was gonna put a poll, but the thingy didn't do it! I checked the option! What's goin' on?


I go on occassionally, and more often if I have a reason to.
Other than that, I wouldn't mind taking a break from the net.


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Let's see.

On weekends, if I don't have any homework, I am on from about 12pm (i usually wake up at that time) to maybe..2am..Which is about 8 hours on weekends, but on the school days, from 5pm to about 7pm, depends if I have homework or not.


Hi my name is Ibby and I'm an internetaholic. :yes:


Totally addicted. It's always plugged in so if I am not in class I am posting on forums or checking YouTube or looking at news sites.

I think I have a problem...


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It's like a drug to me, which means I'm addicted to it. But I do know when to get off and rest my eyes and to take a nice long nap^^; Though I gotta cut down on my hours that I'm on...that's if I can that is.