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How accurate are the following Zodiac descriptions for you?

Read the link, and tell me how well does your personality match?

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Eye see what you did ther
First read about your Zodiac traits, even if you know about them, so that we can maintain a uniform standard.

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac

How accurately does it match you? Surprisingly it matches fairly well for a lot of people. I used to believe that they all contained general traits that were applicable to everyone, but it doesn't seem to be that way since many people have told me that other zodiacs don't match them as well as their own zodiac.

Even if the zodiacs were a human construction, I can't understand how it was created to match so many people's personalities. Even if there was some way to do this at a particular period of time, why does the same old standard match today's personalities to such a great extent.


Registered Member
Aries, take a bow. You're the first sign of the zodiac so it shouldn't come as any surprise then that you’re a born leader. You shine brightly, taking the initiative in everything you do and people see that in you immediately. There are no half-measures with you.

Remember the moon landing? Neil Armstrong was an Aries like you and the first to boldly go where no man had gone before. You have that same fearlessness and certainly aren't afraid to explore the unknown in life.

You’re lively, energetic and daring, and a fighter too. You crave adventure, and love to travel the world. You're a pioneer, and have the ability to lead. People admire your independence and freedom of expression in everything you do.

You have an instinctive understanding of what has to be done. There’s no procrastination in your manner- you hate laziness. You accept all experiences as a challenge, something to be jumped into with passion and excitement. It's all one big learning curve for an Aries.

You always prefer to get on with the job rather than to sitting around waiting for something to happen. This means that you are a little impatient with people who work at a slower pace.

In this life you are destined to take on a leadership position. Remember, that while you are tackling your responsibilities, you are also setting an example for others.

If you were born between 31 March and 10 April, it makes you a proud and extremely loyal person. You also have traces of the other fire sign, Leo, in your make-up. You’re one of the brighter fireflies in the Aries camp and attract people very easily.
You also impose your will on others, almost magically, without their opposition. Your lesson in life is to learn how to use your powers responsibly.

You run the risk of occasionally pushing yourself harder than your body and mind can handle. You mean well, but in the heat of the moment you say and do things you later regret. You’re a lucky person, though, because Jupiter’s beneficial rays promise protection. Many fascinating opportunities are destined to come your way.

**I only copied a few lines of my horoscope, I do feel a lot of what my Aries has to tell, describes me a lot. Especially about the loyalty and no procrastination.


Eye see what you did ther
**I only copied a few lines of my horoscope, I do feel a lot of what my Aries has to tell, describes me a lot. Especially about the loyalty and no procrastination.
Thanks Dabs, that's what I usually hear from people. Could you do me a favour and see if some random zodiac also fits you? It usually doesn't, but just in case.


Ms. Malone
I don't need to look :lol: I've studied my zodiac on and off over the years; Cancerian's are known to be nurturing, spiritual, sensitive and emotional; there are two types: outgoing and shy - i'm the shy type.

But, for the sake of the topic, i'll take a look.

There are four things i can pick out as 'me':

You are for the most part a person of feeling and sensation. Often you will ignore your own judgment and rationality, and someone’s else’s reasonable advice, in favor of how you feel. You don’t care if you’re wrong, either! If your intuition tells you to do something, like reaching out to give someone a helping hand, you’ll just do it.
Others turn to you when they need a shoulder to cry on — you’ll do well in any of the caring professions. This approach is highlighted by your key life phrase, ‘I nurture’. You find it difficult to turn away anyone in need. Anyone who knows you will agree that you are one of the best people to connect with if they need advice. Friends will turn to you if they are in trouble, knowing that your sensitive and compassionate touch will lighten their load.
This one leapt out at me; i can always meet knew people and tell if i'm going to get on with them:
You are extremely receptive to your environment and the people around you, and will often ‘pick up’ people’s energies, moods and thoughts. This ability serves you well; your intuition about people is quite often correct
Creative enterprises are a great way to make the most of your moods and your imagination. Music and writing are perfect vehicles for you. You can express the inner part of your being as entertaining literary, art or music pieces.
I don't think anyone can say for sure how it works; but it's not just western zodiacs, my chinese zodiac has me down to a T as well. There could be some scientific reason behind it; where the stars and planets align in such a way to create you, or it could be dumb luck.

I think some people don't believe their sign relates to them because either they don't believe is astrology (they read their sign in the paper or whatever and think its crap), or they just don't have an interest and don't study it enough. Some sites and books are more detailed than other, and only give you half the picture.


still nobody's bitch
It was far more than just fairly accurate. It was spot-on, except for the part about expressing myself through writing or music. And having an expressive FACE - usually people assume I'm irritated or mad but that's just the way my FACE looks when I'm relaxed. Otherwise, that description was so accurate that it could have been written by one of my best friends (belle did you write that?)


needs practice
For my experience, it is basically like going to a psychic and having them tell me my life will be full of ups and downs, ins and outs and everything in between.

Well no shit sherlock.


Ms. Malone
And, ladies and gentlemen, our first cynic.

I've been to a tarot reader, she was lovely and very accurate :D


Sally Twit
Magnetic, elusive
Contradiction much?



You’re an emotional being, and you take it to the limits. In fact you need overkill to feel really alive. You also want approval, though you don’t often verbalize that. You give 100 percent of yourself to those you love, and expect the same, if not more, in return. There are definitely no half measures in your attitude to love.
100% correct.

You are demanding of yourself and others, but when you give your heart to someone you’re very loyal. You are committed to anything you do, including relationships — you absolutely adore the idea of love. It’s a challenge that excites you.
Anyone that knows me will agree that is all very much true.

You turn heads whenever you walk into a room

you are the strong, silent type, and you have a magnetic aura. You have something that’s hard to put your finger on but makes it nearly impossible for people to ignore you. You know full well that you can manipulate people, and you love it! This magnetic power is really your greatest strength.
There's that word 'magnetic' again. I am the silent type but the rest of it is not true.
I can't manipulate people... Unless it's with my boobs.

It’s well known astrologically that the eyes of a Scorpio can hypnotize. Whether you know it or not, this is your most powerful physical trait. Often people will often say that you have amazing eyes. So even though you don’t always articulate your feelings, your eyes do plenty of communicating for you — they can express the full range of your emotional states.
I've been told I have nice eyes but I always see that as just something to say when there's nothing else worthy of complimenting.

Determination is another of your key characteristics. People can see you as insensitive to others’ needs, even obsessive, because you push forward so single-mindedly. There are no half-measures in your life — in friendship, love, family life or work. You want to be the best, and you won’t let anything stand in the way. But on the plus side, you like to share your successes with the people you take under your wing, whether they’re family or friends.
I don't think I am seen as insensitive. If anything I get told I am too sensitive.

Anyway I am ignoring the rest. The part about love really is true but the rest of it is here and there really. So based on that. I don't know if I am a Scorpio.


Eye see what you did ther
The responses have been as expected. I'd like people to consider that even if Zodiacs have nothing to do with celestial motion, we're simply looking at which range one's birthdate falls into, the Zodiac corresponding to that range, and its description.


Lion Rampant
Could you do me a favour and see if some random zodiac also fits you? It usually doesn't, but just in case.
Studies actually show the reverse, that specific personality traits do not cluster around particular star signs or periods of the year. Honesty and compassion are even distributed throughout people born in every season, under every sign, just as a rational thinker might expect. Are you familiar with the Forer effect? People can't help but interpret vague and flattering descriptions as pertaining closely to themselves. It would be inevitable for something like astrology or psychic reading to gain traction, even when careful scientific analysis consistently found no efficacy to them whatsoever.

Further reading:

An example of astrology’s failure as a predictive agent is to look at the lives of identical twins. According to natal charts and horoscopes, their fortunes and lives should be identical, and yet twins often have widely differing personalities and lifestyles.
Astrology - Are Horoscopes Accurate?

Astrological readings tend to be made up of the following:

  • Generalized character assessments that would apply to most people, e.g. "You are family-oriented", "You are mindful of your financial situation", etc.
  • Double meanings that are almost always correct because they cover all possibilities, e.g. "You like to be decisive but sometimes you find it hard to make decisions."
  • Obvious advice that applies universally, e.g. "Work hard and rewards will come."
  • Vague references which could be interpreted in many different ways.
  • Most importantly, things the subject wants to hear, e.g. "This is a positive time for romance".
Using these simple tricks, astrologers can create a horoscope reading that will always apply to the reader. Most advice applies to most people, and readers will naturally tend to interpret the readings as being personal to them. A graphic example of this phenomena was provided in a 1979 study by French statistician Michel Gauquelin. 150 people were given a horoscope reading and asked, along with their friends, to rate it for accuracy. 94 percent said the horoscope accurately described their character, and 90 percent of their friends agreed. In fact they had all been given the same horoscope—that of notorious mass murderer Dr Petiot.
Criticism of Astrology