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How About Those Eggs?


Registered Member
Well as you know with eggs you can have them many different ways?
Instead of naming 1 or so name all the different ways you like eggs?

Do you have just egg whites instead of whole eggs?


Registered Member
Thats too many ways to name Lol! But these are some of my favorites.

1. Deviled eggs with Dijon mustard and lots of paprika.
2. Scrambled eggs with bacon and avocado.
3. Croque-Madame on brioche with gruyere cheese and mornay sauce.
4. Dill-feta scramble in pita bread.
5. French toast Panini with grilled bananas and maple syrup.
6. Strawberry shortcake french toast with yogurt and honey.
7. Egg salad sammiches.
8. Egg over corned beef hash.
9. Cheese souffle wiith gruyere and parmesan and cayenne pepper.
10. Shrimp and devilled egg salad rolls.
11. Egg rolls.
12. Egg drop soup.

Thats all I can remember now. Btw if your late and you gotta bounce then you can put the egg and sauce over the ham in the Croque-madame and just eat it like a sammich.


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Favorite way to have eggs..

Cheese omelets, scrambled, hard boiled, deviled, sunny side up, over easy, and scrambled with potaotes, and tomatoes

Now I am getting hungry


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Me too. :D

I like 'em in omelettes too, and poached. I'll even have them soft boiled sometimes so that I can dunk bits of toast in the yolk. I'm a huge fan of eggs me.


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I love eggs any way they are done.

My favourite way to have them is hardboiled, then mashed up and mixed with diced onion and tomato with Dijon mustard - I like eating this mix on its own or in a sandwich.

I was already hungry but talking about food has made me even more hungry.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I love eggs too fixed many different ways. I wish I had some chickens so I could have fresh every morning. However if I want to boil them I have to wait until they are a week old so you can peel them. Fresh eggs don't peel well at all.


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I have a weird relationship with eggs. If the yolk and egg get mixed up together, like with scrambled and omelettes, I can't eat them. Sometimes I do, as I think "oh, it won't be that bad" but then I feel a bit ill after. The only exception is cake, I love cake! I think I am actually a bit weird :lol:

I love them poached, boiled or fried, though. Hard boiled egg on toast is yummy! Or a nice soft boiled one with toast soldiers to dunk.