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How a mundane dispute between a homeowner and teenagers sparked gunfire, protests and outrage


Sultan of Swat
Staff member

Cop white, kid Latino. Protests growing.


The video on this HuffPo link shows about three minutes of the confrontation. The cop will not let go of the kid, whose friends are also pleading with him to let go as he drags the kid all over his lawn. No violence and no threats until the cop starts trying to tackle the kid, some of the friends jump in, and the cop whips the gun out of his waistband and shoots (didn't hit anyone).


Embrace the Suck
What's missing here is the cops claim that these kids walk through and trample his lawn every day. He also claims he's told them not to walk across his lawn and they've been disrespectful. We also don't know what transpired before they starting recording.

It does look bad, but I hate the knee jerk "white cop, Latino kid=racism" card that immediately gets played.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
This seems like one of those situations where everybody involved acted irresponsibly.