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  1. EllyDicious

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    Do you have anyone who cleans up your home every once in a while?
    Do you agree with the idea of having a cleaning-lady at home?

    see, it felt weird how some people think this is not normal. i was discussing this in another forum and many of the posters thought that every human should be forced to clean up after their own crap. Why would you pay someone to clean up the messes you and your family make... unless you seriously have a gigantic home and a totally busy schedule, it's unnecessary. clean your own toilet, you crap in it, not the housekeeper! :rolleyes:

    moreover they kept on saying that people who hire housekeepers, are not down to earth. :shifteyes:

    the person who said these was going a bit overboard.
    i mean...if you can afford it and don't want to do it, go for it. you would pay someone to do it so that you don't have to. they need a job, they want to clean your house, you want them to clean it up...what's the problem? It's not like they clean every little thing.
    personally, i like to clean the house but i don't have time for that everyday, so we've hired a cleaning lady who comes here once a week.

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  2. Vidic15

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    It's not a 'thing' to have a cleaning lady in Australia, if it was, I wouldn't have one as I have trust issues, I don't trust anyone around my personal belongings.
  3. Shooting_Palanx

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    Same here...but if I ever did strike it bet your ass I'd get a maid or something lol.
  4. Dragon

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    I don't hire anyone to clean up my house but I know my neighbor does. The cleaning ladies would come and he is not even home when they clean his house. He must of gave them the keys or something but I would not trust anyone to clean my house. They might "clean" my house really good.
  5. Major

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    We have a guy that comes once a week and cleans the house. I don't see why it would be ridiculous to have a cleaning person, especially if you're too busy to do it yourself. It's not like it's fun. So why not give someone else the opportunity to earn some money if you can afford it?
  6. Impact

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    My foster mother is a clean freak, so no need for someone to come in a clean the house while i'm living with her. When I get my own place i'll get a cleaner in to clean the bathroom and that's it. I hate cleaning the bathroom. Unless I had a really demanding job, then I would hire someone to do the entire house.
  7. Oooh_snap

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    I have 2 ladies that come and clean my house every 2 weeks, but for a while they were coming every week when I needed it after surgery and when I broke my leg. They are never expected to clean up my messes! I still pick up my trash and clutter, do my dishes, do my own laundry, and such things even though I don't have to. They just do things like dusting, vacuuming, and such things that I can get behind on with my busy schedule.

    I don't see anything wrong with it. They applied for the service that I go through, so they were seeking this kind of employment and I would never make anyone do it against their will. I figure they know what they are signing on to, so they obviously don't see anything wrong with making money by cleaning so I don't feel like it is wrong of me to use the service.
  8. EllyDicious

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    actually i trust a cleaning-person as long as i'm there with him/her. i can't give my cleaning lady the keys and then get out of home.
    no, i can't do that and i don't think i ever will.
    i must be there, with her!
  9. Boredie

    Boredie In need of Entertainment

    After I gave birth, I got someone in to do a bit of house cleaning for me, and I felt sooooo bad having to sit down and rest while she worked, and I ended up asking her to do as little as possible, so she won't think I was lazy or something. Only for that reason I'd rather not be around when I have a house cleaner.
  10. Ferrary33

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    I say if you have the money, then hire one. Screw cleaning! It's never fun, it's always time consuming and at the end you even get sore hands.

    I'm lazy enough to hire one... When i'm big and have a job and all. Untill then my sorry excuse for cleaning will have to do.

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