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Household chores


still nobody's bitch
What household chores do you hate doing? Are there any that you enjoy?

I despise doing laundry. Anything to do with laundry, I cannot stand. I let my clean laundry pile up until I have about 3-4 loads to fold, then it sits folded in the baskets for at least another day before I put it away. And I don't iron. Period.

Other chores I don't mind so much, I rather like cleaning. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and a clean house is a peaceful house.


Registered Member
dishes, i hate doing them more than anything else, always have
im not the best for hangin clothes up i normally leave them all folded in the basket too lol. i dont mind polishing, or mopping the floors so much. honestly though i hate all household chores and am terrible at them, i must admit my mum often comes over and helps me clean up.


Sally Twit
I hate washing the pots and I hate ironing.

I like cleaning the bathroom. I'm not sure why.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I don't like doing dishes or laundry. With laundry, I just don't like folding the clothes after I wash them, so they end up getting all wrinkled.


Like most here I just hate doing dishes! Dishes really gross me out, especially if other people have been eating meat on them and then I have to clean them.

The chores I love doing though are anything to do with looking after the animals. It's my job in the house to look after all the animals and I love feeling like I can do something to keep them happy and healthy. Even the gross jobs like cleaning the poo out of my lizard tank or the dog poo off the backyard don't bother me much because I know I'm doing it for them.

I also love cleaning our fish tank. It's not huge but it's big enough and always takes me about an hour to do a full clean. I always end up with water all over myself and the rest of the house but the end result of a nice shiny clean fish tank is so worth it.


Registered Member
I love doing laundry!
I try to do at least one load a day, it never piles up and I don't like the sight of piles of dirty laundry and if you let the dirty clothes sit too long, they develop an awful smell.
I sometimes go around just looking for stuff to wash.
Dishes I don't mind, and even scrubbing a bath tub and cleaning a toilet don't bother me.
The chore I hate worst of all is vacuuming.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't mind using the washer/dryer bit i despise having to fold all of those clothes afterwards.

I hate carrying wood into the house for the fireplace. Its long, tedious, and tiring.

I sort of enjoy the minor cleaning like vacuuming, cleaning dust, and so on.


Registered Member
Probably the worse thing is mirrors. If it's not streaks I fight its cloudiness. Very unsatisfying. I hate the dishwasher too, but I've turned that over to my husband a long time ago. A huge problem around here is a very messy hoarding husband, and two teens that have to be hounded all the time to pick up after themselves. A 6 hour period will pass and I feel like I'm starting over just to keep the clutter down.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Everyone of them. I can't stand doing chores, but I've been doing them for so long that I'm used to it.

I hate cleaning the washrooms, passing the vacuum isn't much fun either. Washing clothes or even towels and my sheets for my bed is extremely annoying.

I don't mind the dishes all that much since I just put everything in the dishwasher and it does the rest, takes two minutes to put everything away afterwards.

So in other words I'm not a huge fan of doing chores whatsover. I usually take breaks in between them so it's not as boring in the long run.