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House of Hardcore


aka ginger warlock
I have just been on Wrestling Edge and came across House of Hardcore - it is what looks to be a new federation being put togeather by Tommy "The Innovator of Violance" Dreamer and I think this has potential. So far on the roster they are:

Mike Knoxx
Tony Nese
Mikey Whipwreck
Big Daddy V
Tommy Dreamer
Carlos Colon Jr.
Eddie Kingston
WWE Hall of Famer Adam Copeland
The Steiner Brothers
Hale Collins
Shawn Daivari
Chris Mordetsky formerly known as Chris Masters
The Big XLG formerly known as Luke Gallows
"Hardcore Icon" The Sandman

The debut show is due to happen on the 6th of October. It may be too much to hope this will be the new ECW, lets face it, it failed on WWE TV and TNA have not made much of a mark but with Dreamer running this it has potential to be something worth keeping an eye on and that is what I intend to do. it may not go anywhere but if it can do something different to TNA or WWE this can only be a good thing.


What will Edge be doing?

I do wonder though if this will be crazy hardcore or if this is just for namesake.


Registered Member
ECW failed on WWE TV because it wasn't ECW.

For Edge, I expect him to be a color commentator.


I'd watch if Edge was around in some form. Although I say that knowing full well I won't care when it comes around.


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It seems like they're advertising him as some going to be at the "Debut" show so that could mean it's a one time thing.

Doing a little research, others who will be there is Rhino, Brian Kendrick, Paul London and a few others that I don't care about, probably because I don't know them.