House Donations


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Lets say people are walking up down the street to collect money for poor people or other organization. You hear a knock and you know it's them. What do you do?

Do you answer the door?

Do you give them money?

Do you say sorry not interested?

Please explain me your answer.
My dog usually scares everyone off, if that doesn't work I just ignore them.

The only time I answer is if it's one of the neighborhood kids looking for donations for a sport they're in or something. Lord knows my girls have done enough begging at neighbor's houses.


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If it's Red Cross, my parents usually donate 5 to 10 dollars. For other shit, the dog scares them off.


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When I lived with my parents in town we had some strung out crackhead lady try to get money off of us, i kept her on the porch while my mom called the police, come to find out she had been getting cash off of people all day saying her son was sick. Other than that never had anyone come up asking for donations like that. Now I live out in the woods pretty much I am about 1/4 mile off of road, had some Jehova Witnesses come down here after my dog made sure they stayed in the mini van I ran them off with some crazy scientology shit and asked them to join me, they left and never came back. Those are really only times had anyone come to door soliciting for anything.
I NEVER GIVE MONEY to people going door-to-door. I 100% don't trust them.

I don't mind giving money to the Red Cross or some legit organization, but if some random people come to my door asking for money I'll just ignore it and have them keep knocking or tell them "No thanks, maybe another time."

I usually do the former, though...