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Shameless excuse to post a picture coming up! This is the only way I'm comfortable doing it so please do not quote it

[MENTALLY INSERT ATTACHMENT HERE, since apparently I can't decide the placement in the post]

Hopefully that^ works and you can see the graph bar.

My question is "Just who the fuck sees that pic and thinks to rate a 1 or 2?" I understand I'm not going to be everybody's type, but are there really THAT many manhating bitches alive who are actually bitchy enough to give the product of 3 years of diligent weight loss, weight training, and a 35-day streak a 1 or 2 of 10??? How does a person do this? I know the internet is often the home of much human scum, but I can just imagine the type of person who sits at their computer going picture to picture like "1.....1......1......1.......2.......1........1..........1........ BLAH HA HA HA HAAAA!!! THIS will be payback for all those guys who dumped me! SUCK ON THAT you evil penises of death.... DIE all you ungrateful asswipes, DIE!!!..... 1.........1.........1.............1.......... *munches on some more chips even though the scale reads 324lbs*"
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People are going to be honest. If you want to be lied to, then don't post your pictures on the internet. :/ Especially that site.


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Honest and idiocity are two separate things. If a person is an honest idiot, then it really doesn't do much good. My concern is how a person can sit there and BE such idiots in the first place.

And with my new description, it went up to a 7.1. The picture would autoupdate but I can't get their alternate badge style to work. I had to take a screenshot of it and upload it as an attachment. Thankfully it's small.


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@the last two douchebags posting here

There's a scale from 1 to 10 on the site. All that I am calling into question is the 1 and 2 ratings. I am doing this because I know that I am decent looking and that if one were to rate me a 1 or 2, then there would reasonably have to be an abnormally large amount of people who would deserve a sub-zero rating. Like fat guys, abnormally thin guys, guys with weird faces, back haired guys, old guys, short guys, etc. It is the lack of clear reasoning behind the ratings that I'm calling into question.

And as a piece of advice, if you don't intend to contribute anything intelligent to a topic, then don't post. Spare the decent people your shit.


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Guys. Stop fucking flaming each other.

To Clear: You're provoking without flaming. Sadly, this is within the rules and acceptable.

To Vega: I just noticed all of this mess, and we need to talk. You called Clear and Himeko douches when they were, at best, being stupidly critical. Talk to me, asap.

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