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Hotdogs vs Hambugers


aka ginger warlock
With summer (apparently) round the corner people will start thinking of barbecues, I am planning to have one at the Africa Oye music festival this year assuming the weather is good enough but when it comes to BBQ which do you choose?

Here are some questions:

Which do you prefer? Hamburgers or Hotdogs and why?

What kind of sauces do you like on your food?

Do you like salad, onions, pickles etc?


Sally Twit
I'm not a fan of sausages at all (no penis jokes) as they just always taste odd to me. I do enjoy a burger every so often, but it has to be really well done - sometimes burnt.
I will always have tomato sauce, or just regular burger sauce. Raw onion is nice, but I don't usually have it on the burger as it becomes too messy.
Again, I do like salad, but I don't have it on a burger. I think for a barbecue it is nice on its own with sauce. I like the way barbecued meat tastes, so I try not to ruin it with extra flavours.


Son of Liberty
I love them both. I love regular hotdogs with mustard and relish, I love brats with sauerkraut, I love hamburgers with cheese and grilled onions, but when I BBQ I usually BBQ fajitas, smoked sausage, pork ribs, or steaks over hotdogs and hamburgers.


Registered Member
I love hot dogs and hamburgers. On the hot dogs just ketchup and chili. Hamburgers with tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, and ketchup.


yellow 4!
I prefer burgers. Mainly because cheese goes better on burgers than hot dogs and I like cheese.
But they're both good. Definitely hamburgers though, it's the one I'd always pick.

I never have sauces on bbq food. Although, I love barbeque sauce itself. So I'll probably go with that, even though I rarely eat it whilst having an actual bbq.

If I'm gonna eat salad, it will probably be on its own, not in or next to a burger. It's like fruit in desserts. I like fruit, but I don't want it in my cake.


Registered Member
I love both hamburgers and hot dogs, especially on the 4th of July.

They even go good with chips n' dip and soda.


Burgers and it's not even close. Throw them on the grill, take them off still bloody. Swiss cheese, Miracle Whip, Ketchup, cole slaw. Ohhhh yessa. Haha.

I'll have a dog once in a while, but eh, they are definitely second on my list.


I feel I can answer this since I eat a lot of vegetarian burgers and hotdogs. There's a whole fast-food franchise in my city that only sells vegetarian versions of all sorts of hot dogs, nuggets etc.

I personally like burgers more.

This is super unhealthy, and has basically no salad. But hell, if I wanted something healthy I wouldn't be eating a burger. This is my favourite burger. I always get this one if I'm getting fast food out in the city.



Registered Member
I couldn't tell you. For the longest time, I preferred hotdogs, but then I had some burgers that were WAY better than the ones I'd had before. Then later, I had some hotdogs (or brats, sausage, kielbasa, etc) that were way better than the hotdogs I'd had before.

Honestly, just adding the right cheese and sauces can make all the difference.
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