Hot weather!


Lion Rampant
You lucky dog. It's only going up to 30 (85 F) in my city tomorrow. That's not nearly enough to cook birds in flight.

But then, it does happen to be the dead of winter here in the North.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
And it's effing raining here. At least it's a bit warmer now. Maybe we've actually reached 0 instead of negative.
Here is is currently -11F(-23C). This Week:
Tue:1F(-17C) High / -4F(-20C) Low
Wed:7F(-14C) High / -17F(-27C) Low
Thu: -2F(-19C)High / -16F(-27C) Low
Fri: 7F(-14C) High / 3F(-16C) Low

That is WITHOUT the wind... Thus far the coldest week this winter... I have been a Minnesotan for my entire (Almost)32 years. While I accept this as inevitable in January, I will never ever "Get used to it". I am happy that we are getting decent snow this year, though.


Gay As Fuck
I moved to Texas for the heat, but they didn't say anything about it actually being cold during "cold seasons". I feel like I got ripped off!

This is England, we don't GET warm weather (well, for more than a week. August 1998 I think that was). You know in England that if it's warm/dry on monday, by Wednesday it'll be piddling down. I agree with Nix, I'd love some warm weather for a change.