hot sauce junkies


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hey all! I was wondering how many of you are hot sauce junkies like me...i.e. puts it on almost EVERYTHING. I have a growing collection of hot sauce bottles as well that I save after I'm done.

I have...

dragon sauce
island grove jamaican hot sauce (my fav made with mango, curry, habanero)
emerils buffalo sauce
jamaican hell fire (which isnt hot at all...go figure)
jim beam hot sauce
crystal extra hot sauce
franks red hot
and texas petes hotter than hot sauce

anyone else?


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My father was a hot sauce junkie. He put hot sauce on everything and I do mean everything. The only thing I saw my father eat that he didn't put hot sauce on was ice cream. My mother always had to have hot sauce in the house because if she didn't, that man blew all fuses:D
I can't stand the stuff. Even if I put mild sauce (from Taco Bell) on a food that is even too strong for me. I need something very, VERY mild. Perhaps I shouldn't even use sauce that's how bad it is... :eek:


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I love hot sauce! I put it on chicken, tacos, and any other mexican food. I also like spicy food in general. My favorite topping on pizza is jalapeño.


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sweet chili sauce, spicy ketchup, pizza hot sauce (not the tabasco but the the which is just oil and chili)

I use them for a variety of dishes. Another thing I like is ground pepper. You can get about the same spice without changing much the flavor of the dish because the spice is the only thing added. When eating fries I want a lot of pepper but normally they only serve it with fries sauce, mayo, ketchup or salt....but not pepper! I love it most when I'm eating hot soup. The pepper floats around like dirt, lol.


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I really like hot sauce. California chili pepper chalula is my favorite, it's basically solid jalapeno juice that's all it says in the ingredients pretty much, not even water, a bit of vinegar though.

It goes well with tacos.