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Hot Dogs


Registered Member
How do you like them dogs? Hot dogs are about as American as American can get, so they say! But how do you like your hot dogs prepared? Boiled on top of the stove, nuked in the microwave or grilled maybe? And what are your toppings of choice? I can't think of many who like simply plain ketchup, but some might. Do you like it loaded with cole slaw and chili and cheese? Or just some pickle relish and mustard? Share your dog delights :)


still nobody's bitch
mmmm snouts and entrails.

:beurk: I haven't had a hot dog in at least 20 years. They're completely disgusting.

There's a place around here called Red Hot Lovers that has a pretty good tofu dog (shut it, tofu haters). I'll go there once in a while and get one with Chicago Dog toppings - cheddar cheese, tomato wedges, bright green relish, hot mustard, and finger hot peppers, topped with celery salt. I think they might even throw in a pickle spear but I can't remember; it's been awhile since I was there.


Embrace the Suck
I love hot dogs. I eat mine with chili con carne and cheese and onions. Sometimes with just ketchup. I also love to grill brats.


Registered Member
Chili dogs with mustard rocks!!!! If chili is not available then I take with America cheese, mayo and catsup..... Yup, I said catsup.... Not Ketchup.... :D


Where is my Queen?
I love hot dogs!!! I will eat any kind of hot dog. My favorite is to have my hot dog with chili, melted cheese, mustard, and plain Fritos on it. I don't relish all that much so no relish on my dogs.


Registered Member
Personally, I don't relish the thought of relish either..........:lol:


Mark ov teh Pond
I like corn dogs. That's about it. I've not had a regular hot dog for over 6 months or so. Recently mini corn dogs have been on sale, and they bake pretty quickly and are tasty. I don't fry, that's gross.

As for chili dogs, I gave up on those a long time ago. I was never satisfied with what chili that was being used. If it's good chili, it makes the difference. I'll eat a few, sprinkle some shredded cheese on top and etc. - I've yet to encounter a truly delicious one though.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Hot dogs are awesome. I prefer them grilled or roasted over a campfire. Ketchup and onions is enough for me. I do like chili dogs too though. And I agree with CO, grilled brats are great, with sauerkraut. Mmmm.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Did someone say brats and sauerkraut? The German in me just perked up haha.

Anyway, I love hotdogs. I prefer them boiled but I also love them BBQ'ed. Onions, mustard, pickles, ketchup, all that included. Or not, I'll eat them plain too.


Registered Member
I prefer Brats, like CO and Millz, but hotdog is okay. I usually fix in frying pan with little butter melted in it, put on bread and add little mustard.
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