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Hot Dogs


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I love a good steam hot dog. If you are ever in Montreal, go to Lafleur's. Best hot dogs i've ever had in my life.

So, if you like hot dogs, what do you put in yours?

For me, it's pretty simple:

Raw onions - but I don't mind grilled either
Orange cheddar cheese, which I melt.

That to me is the perfect hot dog.


New Member
When I was in Costa rica, there was this hot dog place and oh man the ultimate dog.

Foot long with, onions, shredded pickl;es, cheese, ketchup, bacon crumble and crushed up chips. It was amazing


New Member
I preffer my Hot Dogs grilled. good old fashion Toronto Street meat with ketchup, Mustard, onions, pickels and bacon.

although the poutine dog at what was burkies dog house in the acc is pretty awesome too.

Shit did I just give MLSE credit for soemthing? damn


New Member
well thanks to Bizzy, looks like this wekend consists of fast food, hotdogs, pizza and booze...maybe a trip to Lonestar too :p


The return shall be legenday!
Hot Dog as to be made on the BBQ
Beef hot dog
Plain old Hot Dog bun
Loaded with Ketchup and Relish

I'm a simple man, and I stick to what I usually like.


New Member
12 going out of buisness left right and centre. they can't pay rent. very poorly run buisness. they care more about singing songs then actual dollars and cents.
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