Hosting Drinking Parties


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I want to know how people are when they are the ones hosting a drinking party at your house.
knowing its your house, you have to make sure no fight break out, nothing gets broken, or the cops dont get called, or nothing gets stolen,...

you might say you just wouldnt invites idiots, but anything could happen when your drunk.

I have a small party lastnight with about 35 people and went tru 6 cases and some bottles. i set up 2 BP tables, and there was a party right accross the street so it was fun...

but I didnt drink, when i host i feel i gotta make sure the wrong people dont enter my house and i dont get drunk and forget to have people to pay...all i usually do is smoke and college money and watch my friends get fucked up....



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Hosting parties these days are a bit of a danger because there is so many people around who gatecrash the party, steal valuables and whatnot. I've never hosted a party..and never really plan to.
I have never had a party at my house, but one time I had lots of people round whilst my parents were out and it got a little out of hand so I guess you could say it was pretty much the same thing. I was about 15 at the time, and it was kind of funny because as I watched my parent's taxi pull out of the drive, a load of lads jumped out of the bushes by my house. I wonder how long they were waiting for. :lol: Anyway, my mum and dad weren't even going to be out all night, I have no idea what I was thinking. Somehow it worked out that they got home just after I managed to get everyone out apart from a couple of girl friends, and we cleaned up real quick. I'm not as rebellious any more though, haha.

My friend had a huge house party once whilst her parents were on holiday for the weekend. It was out of control and I didn't recognise about half the people there, in the morning we found some random dude sleeping in her parents bed. I wasn't drinking that night so that I could help her out, because I was worried people were going to steal/break stuff.


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I don't throw huge parties at my house. I invite over a couple close friends and we have quiet drinks. I hate the cleaning up the next day, and the worry about things being broken or stolen, so I don't bother. When I had my old place I used to have parties quite often, but it was only ever friends, and they didn't bring unexpected people along with them, or tell randoms about it. If I want to go to a huge house party, I go to someone elses place.


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I have never thrown a house party and dont think I ever will.
I have seen first hand way to many get out of hand, people breaking stuff and throwing up because of to much drink, I would rather not have that in my home.

The worst party for me was when I was around 23, a friend had moved into his place and was having a small house warming party, but he told people about in the pub and by the time I turned up it was a complete mess.

His little one bedroom flat had been invaded by a group of drunk college guys who made real short work of his flat, by the time myself,my brother and a friend got them all out they had broken the kitchen door, smashed a couple of other things and one of them had managed to get into the bedroom and help himself to some money before throwing up in the bed.

They did not like being removed from the flat and around ten minutes after we got them out one of them put a brick through the window.
I vowed that I would never have a party like that.


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I've had a few parties since moving out into my own house in December. I just invite people I know so I know nothing will get stolen. I like hosting parties, it's just the cleaning the next day sucks.


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When hosting a drinking party, I make sure it's in a place where "noise" is tolerated up to a certain level (tolerant neighbors, lol) or it could be a problem. I also drink but since I don't really drink to the point of getting wild drunk, it's not an issue. I also don't invite people I don't trust (like an acquaintance inviting his/her friend that is total stranger to me). Like you said, anything is still possible no matter how you trust your friends to "behave" once the party gets intense, so I'd rather limit the risk by having only people I know I can control somehow if things get out of hand.


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Since I've always lived with my parents I have never thrown any big parties here, just smaller gatherings. 10 people is about the most I feel comfortable with. If I had my own place I might have slightly bigger parties, but nothing crazy. I've been to parties with well over 100 people and they always get out of hand with shit getting broken or stolen and the place getting trashed.


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I've only hosted one big drinking party, and as fun as it was, I probably won't do it again. I didn't have to worry about anything getting stolen, because it was all people I knew and trusted, but we did make a pretty big mess and a glass platter was shattered all over the kitchen floor at some point. There were people puking simultaneously off of the balcony and in the bathroom, and the next morning there were muddy hand prints on the outside of the building where someone had fallen against it for support while losing everything in their stomach :lol: I'd much rather just go to someone else's party and relax and enjoy without having to worry about cleaning up the next day.