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Horse Riding


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I absolutely love riding horses.
The first time I ever did, I was 14 or 15 and my sister and I went riding for an hour with a group of others. We had a guide with us to make sure we were riding ok and not doing stupid things.
The best part of the ride was when we started cantering. (The horses just followed the leader, so I wasn't really in control of its speed, but I could stop it if I needed to). We cantered for a good few minutes and the scenery we passed while the wind was blowing over my face it was such an amazing experience. I loved it.
Since then I got to ride quite a bit more in organized groups like that one, in different places around the country and I like to think that I've learned to control the horse (i.e dictating the speed fast or slow).

Now the last time I went riding was a few months after I gave birth and I left my baby with my parents at the ranch while we went off for an hour's ride. I didn't enjoy that ride as much as I did in the past. I was so worried that something might happen to me that when we finally got back I swore I'd never go riding again.

I miss the thrill of the ride and maybe in the far future I might be tempted to do so again.

Have you any stories you'd like to share about riding?


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I did it once. It scared me. I didn't feel I had any control over the horse and I know it can choose to run away and throw me off anytime it wanted. Maybe I should stick to ponies.


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We kept horses when I was younger and I have been riding since the time I could walk. Unfortunately in my teens it became impossible to continue with the horses so I have not been riding since then.

I was not as bigger fan of riding as I was of the horse & trap. My last horse was a brute to ride as her back was so broad, it was like doing the splits! She was a piebald cob and matched my dog (a dalmatian) I had two carts for her, one light weight exercise one that I would use every couple of days and then her show piece was a beautiful Victorian gig that would be dressed in brass and leathers. Sadly all pictures I have are pre-digital otherwise I'd post some.

If you want a safer way to ride then the horse and cart is almost as thrilling.
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