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Horse Racing


aka ginger warlock
This weekend saw the biggest event in the Horse Racing Calender, the Grand National. Many people gathered here in Liverpool for the race at Aintree and many enjoyed the celebrations (most of which began at about midday on Thursday afternoon from what I can gather).

I have never really be interested in Horse Racing as such, it has never been that exciting to me and I do not get the excitement of betting on horse racing mainly because I wouldn't know a good horse from a bad one, to quote Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels "the odds are one hundred to one because it isn't going to win" but as anyone knows odds can change and people can make a lot of money.

Are you interested in horse racing? Do you go to any race meetings and do you place any bets? Is horse racing an inhumane act in your opinion and shouldn't go on any longer?


I hate horse racing so much. It's such a corrupt industry. Everyone always thinks the horses are looked after so well, and they are... but only the ones you see on TV. Only that maybe 4 or 5% of ALL the horses who are involved. Those horses at the very top are treated like royalty.

What they don't show you are the hundreds of horses every year who don't make it and are sent to be dog food, or the others that are ridden so much that they can hardly even walk on their own by the end. Or the ones who don't make it in flats racing and are sentenced to life of jumps racing where dozens and dozens of horses fall and are put down on the tracks each year.

In horse racing money is always first, and the welfare of the horses is last. The entire "sport" is based on greed and wealth.
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Better Call Saul
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It's fun going to the race track but its not a sport I pay much attention too. I don't even watch the Kentucky Derby or any of the big races.

But on Friday's in Collinsville, Illinois they have a race and they are fun with good food and beer.