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Horror Musem For Sale.!!


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WOW!!! I'm not a fan of this type of movie but even I was impressed! (and I knew what quite a bit of it was :)) Found it funny they included Tiny Tim in with all the horror stuff.....then again those of you old enough to remember him he was pretty darn scary! Glad to see this guy has a reserve.....going to need the right buyer and hope he gets it.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Aw Man I wish I had the cash for this one.You could call it a Musyem in a Box.
I'm glad to see this one is going up.This auction is way too cool....I will watch this one with interest. This auction is truely one of a kind.A must see [email protected]@K...

Hey WOW this one is going up .! The C.B is $35,100.00 What a steal..
I wonder what the reserve is though? :hmph: It's got one day nine hours left.
I dont think he is going to get his reserve. I would part this out. You would make far more money that way than selling it as a whole lot . But that's me :D .
Anyway I wish him good luck...Check out the list of stuff you get...... :cool:
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