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Horrible Parenting


New Member
So I babysit my cousins and they are the worst kids EVER!!! 1 is 3 and the other one is 8. Both of them are glued to the computer all day and do nothing but play games and eat and watch tv. WTF!? I hate parents that lets their kids do that all day. AND they have NO respect. My 8 yr old cousin ignores me, doesnt listen, tells me i should quit and he even through his wallet at me. His mom must not be doing a good job cause his behavoir hasnt changed a bit. They are like white as snow and its summer. the only daylight they see is the sun peeking through the open spots in their closed shades. I just think parents like this are so pathetic.


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So when they don't listen punish them from the computer/games. If they don't listen you should unplug the computer/games and make them temporarily inoperable. Just deal with them being assholes for a while and they'll learn to listen.


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I don't really think it's something you can take into your own hands. Sounds like even if you made steps towards trying to get them to cut down on the time spent watching TV or playing games and improve their manners, they'd only be able to do what they want again around the parents and end up resenting you for trying to do more than just babysit them. You could be creative about it and get them outside with something fun, but it's risky since you'd have to think of an activity they might be interested in and just hope it goes down well.

Some parents. :shake:


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I don't really agree with such a hands off approach to parenting, but I agree that it is a stick situation for you to try and do anything about it. Especially in todays world you have to be very careful about how you discipline other people's children. They need to listen to you, but it is really hard to force the kids to do so. That is something I would probably talk to the parents about in a gentle way.. Just saying that you are having a hard time getting the oldest child to listen to you and ask if they have suggestions... That way either they will tell you a way you can get the child to listen or give you a way to discpline that is within their means of ethical.

I would definitely try to make the time when you are there babysitting into a more hands one traditional type play date where they actually go outside and play.. Or play games that use imaginiation or learning tools and see if they find that at all interesting. Kids especially at three should really be atune to wanting to socialize and interact.