Hornet Attack in China!

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by penny4URthoughts, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. penny4URthoughts

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    These stinging monsters are at least 2 in. long and maybe even more!:-o People have been chased by them (one was even chased 650 feet!), and some even lost their lives. There was even a woman who was stung 200 times and had to be hospitalized for a month!

    I've only seen one hornet this past summer and it always landed on one of the flower leaves in our front-yard garden, like it was on a schedule or something. It was a little over 2 inches long, but as long as we didn't bother it, we had no problem. But still, beware of hornets--especially these big buggers!

    Series of deadly attacks by giant, vicious hornets terrorizing China - NBC News.com

  2. Hilander

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    I've been stung before by yellow jackets and that wasn't pleasant and I bet these things would hurt even more.

    I hate it that they kill honeybees, they are having enough problems without having them around.
  3. Merc

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    The insect in question:


    They're pretty vicious and huge. It's not surprising they can kill people. It's more reason for people to not take bugs for granted especially in such large numbers. The funny part is, I do not believe they travel in very large swarms.
  4. dDave

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    Yikes, that's a little scary. When the OP said "hornets" I was thinking of regular hornets that you see around even your backyard and whatnot.

    Those things are freaky huge and it would be terrible to get stung by one. I imagine it wouldn't take too many stings to be killed by them or have serious problems at the very best.
  5. Merc

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    It doesn't. They deliver big doses of venom and after only a few stings it's advised you go to the hospital. Imaging a swarm (which I believe is actually under 100 of them) chasing and stinging is pretty nightmarish.
  6. idisrsly

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    Nightmarish is right. Wow. Those things are horrific. I think I might die of heart failure before the venom even if I was attached by a swarm of those things. I've never been stung by wasps or hornets, only bees. I am petrified of flying, stinging insects and would go into cardiac arrest at the thought of being stung by tens or hundreds of them.
  7. Hilander

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