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Hooked on songs


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
How often do you get hooked on a single song, and when that's going on how many times a day could you listen to it? What's your latest track that will never get old or some that historically you can still listen to constantly?

It's funny, I could get a new album that I really like and only listen to it here and there and be satisfied. And then, there's certain songs that can come out, and I'll be so into it that I'll listen to it several times a day without ever getting tired of it.


It happens quite often to me. I get hooked on a single song a lot more than I do an album. It's usually the newest and whiniest Budden song (haha), but occasionally it's an older song that I run across for the first time or one that I've forgotten about.

Currently I am stuck on...

Not the happiest of songs to get addicted to. Haha.


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Mostly I don't get hooked on songs but the most recent track I did get all over was Jason Safi, In the End.
And there's also a historical song too. I saw the movie and the sequel and I bought them. I thought maybe I was hooked on Smyslovyye Gallyutsinatsii, Vechno Molodoy but no.
It was Nautilus Pompilius - zver.
I heard it maybe 10 years ago. I could listen to it 24/7 and still want to hear it again.



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I get hooked on individual songs ALL THE GOD DAMNED TIME.

Currently hooked on Bird Set Free by Sia.

Before that it was Make Me Worse by Kings of the City

I still listen to entire albums / playlists but I find myself coming back to the single song a lot, sometimes even playing it on repeat for a while.