Honk, Rev, Flash or Shout.

Honk, Rev, Flash or Shout?

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When you get angry whilst driving (not that I condone Road Rage at all. No, no :D) what is your chosen method of letting the person that made you angry know that they did? I'm talking about when people cut you up, drive far below the speed limits etc.

I have to say I'm a revver. It gets the point across without being to disturbing (a big loud BEEEEEP is always going to attract unwanted attention lol).
I usually mumble something to myself and make a hand gesture. It's odd, once I'm on the road I'm a totally different person. Perhaps, I shouldn't be driving. Heh.
You're missing the option of 'nothing,' haha. I want to see how other people vote though so I'll go with rev. I flash people to let them pull out infront of me at a junction and I've never used my horn 'cept when messing around, and I don't shout.


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When I get really angry at someone whilst I'm driving I usually start shouting, but the person I'm shouting at can't hear me because obviously they are in their car and I'm in my car. I usually just curse and swear to myself until all my anger is gone and just get one with it. I've only ever flashed someone once because I was angry and that was because the person in front of me didnt notice the red light changing to green. I never use my horn for anything really unless Im beeping at someone I know walking down the street. I never use it out of anger.
The only other time I flash people is when I'm giving them a chance of getting out of a junction just to be nice or something like that.
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I never really respond outside of an angry comment muttered to myself, but if someone does something blatantly idiotic or fairly asshole-ish, I honk my horn. It usually gets the message across.


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I flash the bird.

I've had bad experiences honking horns. If I revved the car id probly crash into something. And I look like a lunatic when I scream.


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I wonder why you would flash someone for a warning. Seems to me that it would be a thrill and encourage them to do it further. Unless what you're flashing is less than appetizing.

I shake my head in disgust and mutter to myself...that's about it.


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Usually I just mutter under my breath, but if they do something stupid i'll yell (even though I know they probably can't hear me) and pull some rude gesture at them. I only ever use my horn if i'm picking someone up to let them know i'm outside, or if someone is taking forever to pull out at an intersection even when the roads clear.


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It depends how bad it is, I usually hit the horn and scream profanity in my head. I rarely give the middle finger, but I've done it a few times.