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Honesty in a Workplace


aka ginger warlock
I am currently trying to come up with ideas for a website so watching a film to try to help me work (it kinda works). The film in question is "Antitrust", for those of you not aware antitrust laws are laws put in place so one company does not tend monopolize a market and there is a lot of questions of ethics.

If however you found out your job, where it was well paid, had a good pension plan and you did enjoy your work, was not entirely ethical or doing dealings in an underhanded way would you stay or would you get out as soon as you could?

I am honestly not sure if I would quit but I would like to think my head would stop me from being involved in something dodgy or underhanded.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't think I'd quit right away but if they're as shady as you're insinuating I'd probably want to be out as soon as possible because there's no way to know if they'll do something stupid like run off with the pension money.