Homosexuality: Gathering Storm

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by ysabel, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. ysabel

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    This is two part: question about homosexuality as a choice and the bad effects of gay marriage.

    Today, I was watching a documentary about the disadvantage of being gay in the world (especially in countries where the intolerance and persecution is very high). They face discrimination from just about any group belonging to different race, sex, economic status, religion, etc. They get shunned even by their own family members, "tolerated" by friends, or treated as evil or sinful by strangers, or denied "rights".

    With all these, how can people still say that it's a choice to be homosexual? Why would someone choose to live a life like this? Some would say that even if homosexuality is not a choice, once can still choose to not engage in lifestyle associated with homosexuality. But is it that easy? What if one day you're told you should hide being a heterosexual - and that you must go out and date, have sex and marry only people of the same sex? Do you really think it's something easy to do?

    That's the first part of my question. The second part is about a video they showed. It looks like an ad. I wonder if this was something that goes on the internet or do you (in the US) have this type of ads on your TV. And what do you think of it?

    YouTube - NOM - Gathering Storm

    One line that stood out for me was "My freedom, will be taken away." How does gay marriage do that?

  2. CaptainObvious

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    In regards to your first question, no, I don't think it's a choice. I don't choose to be heterosexual, I don't choose to be attracted to women, that's nature.

    As for your second, gays here in the US don't have the right to marry each other, that's just the way the law is. As I read the Constitution, there's nothing in it that prevents a state from denying a marriage license for them to marry. I do support a Constitutional amendment that would bar a state from denying a license. I think it's only a matter of time before each state recognizes gay marriage and sanctions it.
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  3. PretzelCorps

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    At the most basic level, the argument against gay marriage has always been little more than "it makes me feel icky".

    A church is not required to perform gay marriages if they choose not to do so. A doctor's job is to save lives, and faith typically does not object to that. And on that note, if your faith does not agree with your job, then yes, you should have to choose. (we're not gonna be seeing FutureTrackStar or Smelnick becoming Navy SEALs anytime soon, if you catch my drift)

    It drives me nuts to hear people rant and rave about the negative aspects of a certain Islamic theocracy, only to hear them in the next breath try to render the separation of church and state obsolete at home; the only real argument against same-sex marriage is the objection of the church, after all.

    And, boy, if only the people in that video knew how stupid they looked...
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  4. Funk

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    One has as much say in whether or not they are gay as they do in whether or not they are left-handed. They can try to pretend it's a choice and act right-handed all they want, but it's not going to change their true nature.

    And bisexuals are ambidextrous. :cool:
  5. DinoFlintstone

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    I'm not sure that people 'choose' to be gay, but they are certainly not born gay. Being a homosexual is just a product of ones environment. That itself does not make homosexuality right or wrong.
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  6. Rebeccaaa

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    Your first post in half a year and I don't agree with it :lol: Can you explain what you mean by a product of ones environment? What about identical brothers who grow up together, one is gay and the other isn't? I know of at least one personal case where this has happened. Welcome back btw, if you're staying.

    I love this analogy.

    And to answer the OP -

    No, I don't believe homosexuality is in any way a choice and I also don't agree with people who say that they shouldn't be cut slack because they could chose to pretend to be hetrosexual their entire lives. I mean, technically of course it's possible, but just because it's possible that doesn't make it ok. What kind of effed up lifestyle is that?!

    The video is.. well, I've never seen anything like it before, put it that way.
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  7. Wade8813

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    I don't get the analogy - why would FTS or Smel avoid becoming SEALs? Is there something about SEALs that I don't know about, that conflicts with Christianity?

    The research is inconclusive as to whether or not it's genetic, environmental, or whatever.
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  8. DinoFlintstone

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    Why change the habbit of a life-time? :p
    The 'identical Brothers' might be similar on the outside, but this does not have to be the case on the inside.. especially the brain.
    Another two Brothers can grow-up and live the same life. That life is one of domestic abuse where their Father beats the Mother. Their is a good chance that boys growing-up in such an environment will one day, become wife beaters/woman abusers, but also similar boys can grow to be very sensitive and protective of women. These boys would be a product of their environment, but their brain will play a part in this too.
    I can't really think how one would become gay as I think their are many things that could allow this to happen, but I bet of these identical Brothers where one was gay and the other was heterosexual... if you rewound and went back to day one of their life and swapped them over, or did some things different, then they too would be different. Maybe they would both be gay, or both hetro, or the one that was hetro will be gay and visa-versa.
  9. ysabel

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    Would gay marriage really infringe on someone's freedom? "My freedom will be taken away".

    If it interests you, they made several parodies of that video on youtube.

    off-topic trivia: Do you know that in the past there are some schools that treat being left handed as something wrong? They were forced to write with their right. Some end up being right handed in writing but left handed for others.

    That case aside, I like the analogy.

    First, welcome back Dino!

    It's really hard to know if someone was born gay because we just assume everyone is heterosexual until they're old enough to express otherwise.
  10. Merc

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    I mean, I understand some of this "take my freedom away" stuff when it comes to people basically forcing others to support things they don't believe in, but most of it is bullshit. Gay marriage should be legal because of one major reason:

    It affects NOBODY except gays in love.

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