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PC Games Homeworld/Homeworld 2

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Has anyone played these? Homeworld is an RTS set in space, much like Empire at War. Unlike any other RTS I have played, homeworld does not just have the typical "point and click to move here" interface. This is because the motion is in 3-D, so you can attack your enemies on-level or if you want to go for something else, you can pincer them from above and below. Certain units are also able to use hyperspace to jump about the map, certain other units can cloak themselves and/or other units. Your entire base (base as in ship production and resource gathering) is mobile so if a certain area gets too hot you can bug out and not leave your base to burn. If you like RTS at all, I strongly suggest you try this game.

Anonym0uz Bitch

I never liked Homeworld, there was another Space Game sort of like Masters of Orion, I just cant remember the name of it now, it was reallllly fun, had humans as the "Solarions" and had some enemy that came from another galaxy and they were some warrior race.