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Homeowner forecloses on bank!


Problematic Shitlord
I laughed my balls off yesterday when I read this.

It's nice to see some citizens with balls.


Son of Liberty
Thats purely awesome. I totally dug it.

Sad thing is the last line in the article says that this sort of thing happens alot with Banks where they wrongfully charge people foreclosure fees.

Makes you wonder how many poor suckers out there just gave in and paid it after being bullied by the bank?


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
That's really awesome, haha it sounds like something Michael Moore would do during one of his documentaries.

Yeah, and the quote that ice mentioned is pretty depressing:

Allen says this is something that he sees often in court, banks making errors because they didn't investigate the foreclosure and it becomes a lengthy and expensive battle for the homeowner.
During times like we've had in recent years, there's no room for Banks to make mistakes like this.

Speaking of Michael Moore's films, in Capitalism: a Love Story it showed a bunch of people in a low-income neighborhood that had their homes foreclosed; the people went back and in a kind of peaceful protest went back in their houses and staged a long, long neighborhood sit-in. Eventually the guy from the bank came, and tried to get them out, and ended up calling the cops (or the people did, not sure). The cops ended up having to tell the gentleman from the bank to leave, because he (and many banks, it turns out) did so much of this that they couldn't find the proper documentation to each house.

That kind of echos the sloppiness of the bank in the OP. Sad.