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Homemade Cakes Vs. Store-Bought Cakes


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Back in my childhood days when my enthusiasm for cakes began, I had always found the store's cakes more appealing than the ones my parents made me because of the colorful frosting.

On my mom's birthday, less than three months before I turned 5, Dad bought a cake from the store that had chocolate icing and "Happy Birthday, Mom" written in green frosting. For a store-bought cake it wasn't bad.:)

On the halfway point of my childhood, my view on store-bought cakes changed. On 10th birthday, I had my own store-bought cake. However, after the first bite, I began to realize that the store-bought cakes didn't taste as good as the homemade ones. To make matters worse, it started to become moldy!:sick: Man, I never asked for a store-bought cake for my birthday after that!:mad:

Today, since looking at the nutritional facts, I've realized that homemade cakes are healthier than store-bought because they homemade cakes used actual sugar instead of all that other stuff the stores' bakeries put into their desserts. :nod:


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Homemade baked goods are always the best if compared to store-bought generic stuff. The only exception I'd make to this is if you're buying from a good local bakery. We have a few German-named bakeries in St. Louis (such as Federhofer's) that are just amazing.


I always choose home-made food, no matter if it's a cake, or salads or soup or whatever you wanna call it.
There's no comparison. Home made cakes are healthier and you know what's in there because you made it yourself so no room to question anything.


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I agree with you both.

And speaking of bakeries Diomedes, there's a place called Jenny's Bakery in Nassau Bay. The cupcakes are delicious and so are the fudge filled cookies. One bakery that did not do too well was in Clear Lake Shores. That was because the cupcakes were too stale and the price for one cupcake, $2.75, was so outrageous!


Creeping On You
I've had some pretty decent storebought cakes in my time. I'm not super picky but I don't mind them. However, if made to choose, I will definitely always choose homemade cake over store bought. I just find that I can eat so much more of it. It doesn't make you all bloaty and sluggish lol.


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Definitely home made. Not from a mix, either. No thanks to artificial ingredients and junk you can't pronounce.

Local bakeries are ok though. I'm sure they don't use brominated flour or high fructose corn syrup.


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I used to bake cakes out of boxes of flavored cake mixes from the mid-to-late 90s to 2004; the instructions were very simple. But now, I use actual cake flour, that way, I get to choose the flavors of cakes I can make, which is actually more fun than depending on a box of flavored cake mix.


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People that choose store bought are either terrible at baking or they just have terrible taste. :lol:

Of course store bought stuff can be good but the whole point of homemade is for it to be nice and fresh. Part of the reason why it tastes better is because preservatives are unnecessary and most of the time it's a lot more moist.

Moving from about 1,000 feet of elevation to over 7,000 did cause a problem with baking at first, there are certain ingredients that you need more or less of depending on your altitude. Most recipes simply do not take this into account as most people are at lower elevations.

I made some hummingbird cake recently, it was quite delicious. We're sort of half and half around here with using the mix and making the cake from scratch. We rarely ever make our own frosting though (unless it's cream cheese based for carrot cake or whatever.)
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I'm sure overall homemade cakes are better but I don't have the skills to make them anyway so I guess I gotta go with store bought...for the convenience only.

Unless Rebecca is around because she's Ms. Baker...I'm good to go then haha