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Home Sickness


aka ginger warlock
It seems that people who may suffer from home sickness are viewed as immature or childish but I am not sure that it is. I think it is perfectly natural that if you have been away from some time you may miss the comforts of home, the people of home, pets, whatever it be.

Do you tend to get homesick? Do you find that if you go away for say a month and its coming to the last few days you start to look forward to getting home and get back to the home comforts such as your favorite chair, your bed, watching your own dvds etc or are you very much the type who home will be the last thing on your mind?

I think I am in the first camp, I am not a fan of holidays mainly because I am so set in my ways I guess of how I like things to be done and set out.


I'm serious
I get very home sick. In fact, I'm home sick right now. :lol:

I'm kind of between a rock and a hard place myself. I love to travel, and even for long periods at a time. See the world, live it up! But I am extremely close with my family. Even when I lived with my folks, I would still get a call from them everyday at work. So yeah, I've gotten pretty home sick the past two months. And I probably miss my dog the most. :(

The important thing is really just to remember that they miss me too and they will be there when I get back.


Registered Member
When it comes to Home Sickness, I just find that it causes the person more trouble than it's actually worth. I mean, home is always going to be there, and the place you refer to as home may change.

I rarely feel homesick because I make the place I'm at home. Moving from my Dad's was something that I really enjoyed, as it allowed me to flourish in the fact that I was able to be on my own.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, being homesick has both it's good and bad qualities, but if we are able to adapt. It won't seem so bad.


Well-Known Member
Like CGUSA, i'm away from home right now. I get homesick every now and then, I think it's only natural to when you're away from family for long periods of time. I don't really get homesick when i'm away for short times, say under a month though.


Registered Member
I've never heard it referred to as immature or childish. Well, maybe if you get REALLY homesick, or if you get homesick when you're only going to be gone for a couple days or something. But feeling a bit homesick when you're away for an extended period of time is pretty much expected. When I joined the Army and went to Basic Training, I think most of the new soldiers got a little homesick. The only one who seemed childish was the guy who cried because he'd never been away from home before.

Personally, I've never really gotten homesick. I'm not sure why. Whenever I read a book about someone getting a bit homesick, I can always imagine that I'd feel the same way, but I never have. I didn't even really miss anybody. I was glad to see them when I got back, but it didn't bother me to be away for a few months. But maybe things will be different when I get deployed, since it'll be longer, and I'll be out of the US. Probably not, but maybe...


Embrace the Suck
I always get homesick when I'm away for a period of time. When I was in high school I went on a trip for two weeks, I missed my mom A LOT.


I wouldn't classify myself as homesick. The longest time I've been away from home was 30 days so I don't know if being away for more would make me get homesick.


Registered Member
I've moved around a lot so homesickness doesn't really hit me that often, but right now I'm living in a state that I have no relatives in. Most of them are in Florida and I do miss them. I miss working in my grandmother's flower shop, mostly.


still nobody's bitch
I can't imagine being away from my animals for longer than a week, and I think if I moved away from the Ann Arbor area I'd be pretty homesick for a long time. A little novelty is nice from time to time, but I'm more comfortable with the familiar.


I've only ever been REALLY homesick once. It was when I was traveling in Russia. I was in a museum one day and I spoke to my Mum on the phone and the homesickness just hit me. I actually felt physically ill from being so homesick. It only lasted about 30 minutes though and then I was okay for the rest of the trip. I do really miss my animals though whenever I am away.