Home remedies/tips


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Like the title says, things that you use when you have a problem or are unwell.

Toothpaste helps to shrink spots
Rinsing your hair in cold water will stop it looking greasy
diluting lemonjuice into water and using as a last rinse will help to bring out the natural blonde highlights in your hair


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Oooh good one Steve I didn't know that :D

Egg whites and oats make a good face mask
nail varnish remover helps bring pen/biro marks off things like mobile phones
used (cold) teabags or cucumber over your eyes will help reduce puffiness


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Here's a scary one.

Got a ring in your toilet? Simply pour a can of Coke (TM) into the bowl and let it sit for a while.

After like 30 minutes or so the ring should be gone.

Thirsty after your hard work? Go to your fridge and treat yourself to a refreshing Coke (TM). :)

Haha... It's actually true too..!!