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Discuss Home Projects


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With COVID-19 keeping a lot of people away from their regular jobs, I've noticed a big trend that lots of people are spending quite a bit of time at Home Depot, Lowe's, Big R, and Ace Hardware here in town. Basically, all the hardware stores are completely full at all times, it's difficult to find a parking spot at any of these stores.

So, what projects do y'all have going on for COVID-19?

Here/s mine.

Completed Projects
Shampoo Carpets - I took a whole day and cleaned the rugs with a professional machine I borrowed from my parents. Pulled a bunch of dirt out of the carpet. They're visibly cleaner and feel cleaner.

Spark Plugs - I changed the spark plugs and wires on both of our subarus.

Catalytic Converter and O2 Sensors - Changed the CAT and O2 sensors on my wife's car. Had to disassemble the entire exhaust system to do so.

Front axles, brake pads, and rotors - Also changed these out on my wife's car. Beast of a project. You have to hit some really hard bolts and need some really strong tools to do this

Incomplete Projects
Xeriscape Front Yard - I have about a 2100 square foot front yard. It's just been a breeding ground for weeds, half of it is dead, and it looks terrible overall. I'm going to dig up all the weeds, mow the yard down super low, cover the whole yard in vinegar (and leave it for three days), dig and turn most of the dirt, drop landscaping fabric (double layer), and drop something like 15-20 tons of rocks over all of it. Will top it off by putting 6x6x8 red wood railroad ties right on the property line on both sides as a border. I'm going to be doing this project over the next 2 weeks. Will be nice to do some manual labor and get some exercise, been sitting way too much recently. Bought a really nice battery operated ryobi weed wacker too since my old black and decker burned up and melted itself last season.

Fix Faucet - Have a somewhat old leaky faucet. Have to find a cartridge for the cold water. Went to 3 stores and couldn't find it. May have to order it online.

Organize garage - I need to redo the shelving in my garage and build a workbench. This one may have to wait until later in the year. I simply don't have the correct tools to pull it off right now.

Clean Crawl Space - I want to use my crawl space for storage but it's a little too dirty. I want to put in some type of basic flooring (cardboard, plastic, or carpet pad), vacuum it out, and install a dehumidifier just in case there is ever a water leak. Probably also waiting until later since it's a big job and I have to focus on the front yard before it gets too hot.

Painting - I have a pink bedroom in my house, need I say more? It will be gray very soon.

What home projects are YOU working on for COVID-19?


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The big project I've done lots of talking about and little doing is sanding and repainting the window frames in my lounge. I live in an old listed building so wooden window frames are the only thing allowed. Over the years, the windows steaming up have really messed up the paintwork and they need repainting.

My next project is to rearrange my kitchen. I have a tiny kitchen and often have to make compromises on kitchen gadgets I want because I don't have the space. I've put off not having a stand mixer for long enough because of that so now I need to reorganise and find a way to fit one in.

Somewhat following on from the above, my 'fun' project is to learn to bake sourdough bread. Attempt 5 was my first proper success and attempt 6 is in its bulk ferment stage as we speak. In a similar vein, I also wanted to cook and bake a lot more in general. When this started I made a list of time or labour intensive things I've always wanted to try but never had time to. I'm about halfway through that list now, more has been added as I've gone.

This reminds me, I need to refill the washer fluid in my car and change the oil (although honestly, I'm feeling lazy and may pay someone to do that)


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I've been working since this all started on my end, but I still had extra time to get some tasks completed around the house

Air Filters:
Changed the filters in the A/C unit above the master bedroom, they haven't been changed since we moved into the home in 2018, so got that knocked out of the way. The other unit on the other side of the house has a specialty filter, and unfortunately we have to order that for the specific unit.

Trimmed the tree branches brushing against the roof, so got up there and snipped-snipped. Also, cleaned the gutters out of collected leaves/twigs, might as well since I was up there.

Hubs and I finally cleaned out the garage and organized the space down there. We had boxed from our move still piled in, so looks a lot more roomier now.

Due to extensive sunlight, most of the herbs have died off. So,Hubs and I dug out the garden boxes and started a new. Going to be putting some sort of shade device over the boxes to help with the sunlight issue.



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One home project that I've done as of late is plant two new spruce trees in my front yard. And I've been watering them both twice per day in order to increase the chances that they'll survive.


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I need to order gravel for my drive way, wish it would stop raining long enough for things to dry up so they won't get their dump truck stuck. Can't even mow the yard right now its so wet. Also need to have my back door replaced and do some painting inside as soon as I feel up to it or hire someone.


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I live in an apartment building and I have a balcony that used to be just an empty space. Now it's green haven. A garden with plants and flowers and grass (OK this one is definitely fake grass carpet but it looks awesome). It's my fave nature/outdoor spot during lockdown. I have some lounger chairs too and we get a good sunset view (being on the 4th floor). Because it's getting hot...next week, I'll attempt to add a mini pool. :)


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My back and front decks needs to be repainted at some point.

Painting decks is not my favorite thing to do at all. However, I have to get it done sooner or later.