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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by mamab, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. mamab

    mamab Registered Member

    If you're buying a new home, do you plan on getting a home inspection done? If so, why? If not, why not? What is the average price of a home inspection where you live?

  2. katharina

    katharina Registered Member

    I honestly don't remember what we paid two years ago, but there was no way we were about to buy without an inspection. We were lucky in that not a lot was wrong, but it could have been a total nightmare if something *would* have been wrong and we'd find out after closing. I think maybe it was required in my state, as was a termite inspection, but I wouldn't swear to that.
  3. taiarain

    taiarain Registered Member

    If I ever buy again (or if my dream comes true and I rebuild), I will absolutely get a home inspection. I will not, however, ever use an inspector recommended by a real estate agent again.
  4. mamab

    mamab Registered Member

    Can I ask what the problem was? I was under the impression that real estate agents just gave you a list of home inspectors, and then you chose who to use? Did you check into any others, or just go with their recommendation?
  5. rubybug

    rubybug New Member

    I have heard it is hard to find a good home inspector. I would definitely use one, they are worth it. However, we're building a strawbale house instead of buying.
  6. taiarain

    taiarain Registered Member

    Some agents have relationships with inspectors and lawyers. While this looks and feels convenient to the first time home buyer, we (along with thousands of others) learned the hard way that it just isn't. All too often, inspectors "miss" things thus encouraging the buyers to go through with the deal (benefitting the agent) and the agent to continue singing their praises (benefitting the inspector).

    More than once, I wondered if I should have sued our inspector for the things he "missed." (Not frivolous things) I recently read an article that shed some light on this being a problem for many homebuyers and kind of shrieked in solidarity with the people mentioned in the article.

    So, basically, to avoid any conflict of interest, I will refuse to do business with an inspector suggested by a real estate agent. I paid somebody for either incompetence or the willfull withholding of information, both of which benefited my real estate agent while causing physical and financial harm to me.
  7. mamab

    mamab Registered Member

    Where we live, real estate agents don't "recommend" home inspectors. They give you a list of the available, licensed inspectors in the area. Then, it's your responsibility to call around and get prices and set up the inspection. Or, you may have the agent call to make the arrangements, based on your needs.

    There should be home inspectors listed in your phone book. You can call to get information. I also don't think I would use someone just because they were recommended by an agent, either.
  8. katharina

    katharina Registered Member

    We were very lucky in this... we have a friend who's a contractor and the real estate agent *also* knew him. We just suggested he do it, everyone
    agreed, and we knew that he'd be honest and do a good job with it.
  9. Penguin

    Penguin Registered Member

    I can't remember if we had an inspection done or not, but I definitely think it's a good idea to have one done.
  10. benji

    benji New Member

    When we bought our house there was a laundry list of inspections that could be done. Each allowed an out if there were issues or put the burden of correcting the issue in the hands of the seller. We settled on a couple of inspections, but didn't quite belley up to the Inspection Buffet. Not sure if I would have done it differently, but... :cool:

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