Home drug testing...

I've been hearing a commercial on the radio lately where a mother goes through a long list of drugs and their nicknames asking her son if he's every tried any of them.
The boy keeps responding with a bored sounding "no" and it goes on and on until the announcer speaks up to let us loyal listeners know that we don't have to wonder anymore. (yippee) Now we can test our kids at home and see if they've been doing drugs.
I can't imagine ever feeling the need to buy one of these kits, let alone use it on my kids. What happened to trust?


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If it is your last resort then it might be a good thing, but it should only be used when you can no longer trust your child.

If you have a good and open relationship with you children then you will never need this. I can see this being so misused..


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I don't have any kids so I can't really relate to this as a parent stand point, but if my parents would ask me to take this Home Drug testing I would feel like my parents didn't trust my judgement. I just believe there's no need for this type of stuff at your home, it might cause more problems then resolve them.


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idk, i no a bunch of ppl whove been tested w/ these kits, and they do work, but i think the whole thing is jsut stupid u shouldnt go that far out of ur way to test ur kids and u should just either trust them (not the safest or most truthful way but i think its best) or jsut find out the old fashion way. these kits are border line paranoia and simply ridiculous.


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To me . .

The need for a home drug kit not only shows a lack of successful parenting, but a total disregard for communication and family bonding.


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Well if a parent is doing their job right then they don't need a chemical test. The drugs that will worry a parent are quite obvious to spot. You don't need to see them all jacked on something to notice their life changing as well as their personality/attitude changing.

This is a lazy parents untrustworthy solution to counteract their own ignorance..

Besides tests are really easy to bypass.. unless the test kit is an expensive one then the good old 'dried bleech on the fingertip trick' will fog out the test. Or the many other options of detox kits, I just can't imagine a mom springing a drg test on her kid unless the kid has no respect for her and is a low life or something.


To me . .

The need for a home drug kit not only shows a lack of successful parenting, but a total disregard for communication and family bonding.
Sure but what kid is going to tell their parent that they're smoking meth.

Also I disagree that falling into using drugs is from a lack of parenting, my parents did a great job in my opinion, I've still done quite a few drugs in my day. I don't much anymore, but is the fact I've tried drugs, not due to my parents' inablitity to raise me, but because I was curious and choose to do them (I started around 17). Also I've been getting the drug lectures since I was about 11, I just chose to do it anyway.

I don't know if any you have ever had a heavy substance abuser in your family but its tough, they don't want to tell they're parents they're breaking into cars so they can trade swag off for crack. Having a kid on drugs is tough issue and there is no easy fix for it.

Also if you 17 year old kid decides to commit crimes to get drugs, or just is making bad choices in general the parents can be held accountable.

So really is a home drug test so bad?


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Who knows. My parents really never talked about drugs/drinking because I guess they trust me. I've had chances where I could drink/smoke/do things along those lines, but I have no interest in them. Never have, hopefully won't ever smoke.

I guess if you really feel the need to buy a home drug testing kit because you can't trust your kids, then that's the thing you need to do. One kid in my school passed away a few weeks ago because he got hooked on drugs, and I found out from my other friend that they never asked/talked to him about drugs.