Wii Home Brew Channel


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What exactly is this?

Does it enable you to download games onto blank discs, and play them?

Sorry if I'm out of line, I probably will not be modding my Wii. I just wanted to know what it was.
The home brew channel actually allows you to play burned discs, so essentially yes it allows you to download wii games off the computer burn them to a DVD and play them. It also has a bunch of SNES/NES games on it as well.

My room mate modded his wii, it's pretty awesome.


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But are we allowed to talk about it on GF? If so, I'd like to have a tut on how to do it.

I dont see why you couldnt. lol Mostly I would say just as long as you're not screaming out about how you pirated a bunch of stuff I dont think there is any problem with it.


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I was all set to do this, until I found out my mac doesn't have an SD card port.. thing.


I think they have this thing you can buy that plugs into the usb, and you can use the SD card with it.. I might have to look it up.
Yeah I'm pretty sure that there are SD adapters out there. Basically all you need is an SD card; a copy of Zelda: Twighlight Princess and the internet.

There are some sites that give you step by step instructions, it's not too difficult at all.