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Home baked items.


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Has anyone bought any home baked items on Ebay? Ive seen a few sellers offering cakes, cookies and jerky but i dont know how safe this would be to do. Most are power sellers and have been around a while but still i am hesitant to try it. Has anyone here done it?


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I've never done it personally, but that is because I don't see it as very safe. You never knw what happens to that food in transport, or what they can add to it. It just doesn't seem very safe to me.


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I would be hesitant, too. I guess it is no different than orderng online from a small shop, but it has warning flags going off for me.
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I have sold biscotti on Ebay before. My sister had her own business, so her kitchen was licensed. It was sealed and packaged just like she always sold it. Never had any problems.

I would check to make sure they have a business or a licensed kitchen. I would be worried about buying something from someone that is just trying to sell baked goods out of their home without a business license.


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I wouldn't buy food on eBay. I did buy something from somebody in Japan once and they sent me some Japanese cookies along as a thank you. They had good feedback so I had no problem eating them. They were really good too if I remember correctly. :)

I wouldn't purposely seek out food to buy on eBay though.


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I didn't realize food was even AVAILABLE on eBay! Other than "collectible" food, of course, like that toast-with-Mary-in-it stuff :lol:


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I've been tempted to buy food items on eBay but once you add shipping it's more expensive than what I can find locally. I hadn't thought about the safety issues. I think those are valid concerns.


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I agree with the majority on this issue. You never know what someone's putting in a seemingly regular recipe. Seems like people use exlax in brownies as a joke. Why take a chance? My suggestion is check out actual food websites.


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I agree. I would buy sealed and packaged items, perhaps, but not fresh ones. Even with rush shipping, it wouldn't feel fresh when it gets to you.

Anybody remember that episode of Friends where they steal that mail-order cheesecake from a neighbor? I guess people do get fresh products like this online, but it DOES seem a little strange to me. It'd have to be something really good to convince me.


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It would have to be from a licensed kitchen for me to do that, and still, I could probably find what I wanted around here anyway.

I didn't know you could actually sell food on ebay either.