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Holy Water contains fecal bacteria


Free Spirit
Staff member
While holy water has been dismissed as being full of crap by atheists for years now, a new study from the Medical University of Vienna revealed there may be some hard truth in that thinking.

Holy Water Is Full Of Crap, Literally
If I were having my baby baptized I would be very careful about getting it around their eyes or mouth. If it is as polluted as they say they shouldn't be using it on babies or in hospitals unless it has been treated first.

Some priests are treating the water but you never know if your priest is, might ask. All of them should if they are going to keep getting it out of the same polluted springs.


Registered Member
Saving your soul should be worth one or the other risk, right? :lol:

Seriously, I wonder what's so hard about sanitizing the water and tools you use... or is it somehow forbidden to do that, in some denominations?


Registered Member
Money is covered in crap - don't touch your baby after touching money - at least not without washing your hands thoroughly before doing so.


Oh, poppycock.
Yuck. Everything is contaminated anymore, but that doesn't make it gross me out any less.
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