Holy hell

I've just lost a weeks worth of work on my computer. I know I saved it all, and there's one folder I always keep it in. Everything is there, except this weeks stuff.
I've checked every system thinking maybe I stored it in the wrong folder..NOTHING!



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OH NO! :(

I hope it's still there somewhere. Don't you keep important things like that backed up on an external drive or something?

That happened to me about a year ago and I lost things I had put a ton of time into and I am still kicking myself. :(

Hopefully they will turn up.
Nothing yet...not even in my back up..I don't understand how it can disappaer. I'm letting support into my computer, maybe they'll pop in and say "hi" to you all.:shifteyes:


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Did you take Storm's advice? Use the search function and see if that gets you anywhere.
Did you take Storm's advice? Use the search function and see if that gets you anywhere.
That was one of the first things I did. Tech support can't find the files either *sigh*
On the plus side, it's all here on my desk, just waiting to be re-entered.
Yay me!

This is actually kind of funny, a former employee had this computer before me, tech found all kinds of sub-folders filled with her documents and pictures..exploring I shall go.


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Haha well let us know if you find anything interesting.

At least you have everything in some form. It's even worse when things are gone 100% for good.
OMG..there are stories stored that someone was writing, they're pretty bad, but how friggin weird..all about murder.
I suppose it would be wrong to post them, but..:-o

Also found a termination letter, and a photo album of Christmas pictures. It's like a scavenger hunt on this computer.

Yeah, I'm getting work done now for sure.