Holy Flatpanels Batman!


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Dell is running a special right now on flat panels... and if you enter the coupon code... get em for even cheaper :D


2005FPW Ultrasharp 20" Widescreen LCD
$749 - 40% off coupon W34XRDP2KW2K90 - $60 off $500 coupon C07TR1WFGJ18SF = $389
1905FP Ultrasharp 19" LCD
$479 + $21 filler - 33% off TN8?M3G6JB5FK - $60 off $500 C07TR1WFGJ18SF = $282
2405FPW Ultrasharp 24" Widescreen LCD
$1199 - 33% off TN8?M3G6JB5FK = $803
1704FPT UltraSharp 17" LCD
$329 - 33% off TN8?M3G6JB5FK - $35 off $300 ZDV7X34LTDMGMG = $185


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I would like one that hangs on the wall, and I could put it over my mantle. However I am not much of a tv person.......I only watch the news every now and then, maybe a good movie about twice a year! I would rather be outside watching the birds or listening to the insects and forest animals...... But it would be nice to have one for the "looks" of it.

The other night I went out back and there were thousands of "lightning bugs" in the woods beside my house! It looked so beautiful! :) When something so beautiful happens I can watch it forever, kinda takes me to another world! The sound of the crickets,frogs and the owl that lives near by really gave it a nice sound effect!

Oh back to the subject! Flat panels are very expensive!