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Holy Cow..... Look What I Found!


Registered Member
Well I really didn't find it, someone send it to me.

A website that pays ebay user $0.02 to add ebay members to there watch list. They must be NEW cause I never heard of them.

See for you self. addwatch.com

I already sign up cause I want to see......... if it works.


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I got the link to work, and looked around, but I dunno. I'm always so cautious. You will have to let us know if it works.


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Ok I signed up......always ready to earn two sents for a click...hahahahah soooooooooooooo I have never had my watch list full...how many auctions can we watch at one time????

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Not badmouthing the site, but I think I'll wait until they become a little more established before I sign up.

"6 users have registered. Welcome to our newest member, Liquida8this.
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It sounds intersting. But there has to be a catch. Anyone who signs up, keep me posted.


New Member
hmm sounds really interesting but Ive never tried anything like that before so I think I'll wait it out a bit and see how it goes. Good Luck to those who have signed up already


New Member
I used it recently and found it worked quite well - no lag-time having to continually check back to eBay every five minutes, easy to use, etc. I'll totally use Nabit every time I want to buy something on eBay. I think I downloaded the software at download.com, but you can also just go to getnabit.com. Highly recommended.