Holy Bebop Stampede!!

Wait, wait.. that's not THE 'Cowboy Beebop', is it? Cowboy 'Hippity-Hop-Don't-Stop-Dance-Til-You-Drop' Beebop..? The legendary Cowboy Beebop that retired 10 years back under immense media pressure following his infamous Hentei side project, "Milking Miss Daisy"...??

No that's a pretty neat clip though. :) I like the style and locations in it. Perhaps it's my freshly installed linux distro but I don't hear any sound though.

Any links to some of their other work or a name to look into?


Ms. Malone
Nope, apparently it was dled from AnimeMusicVideo.org and they justed wanted to share it; they didn't give the creators name either :(