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Holographic performance


Sultan of Swat
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Not sure if any of you seen this new thread:


If you had the chance to see a holographic performance live of a dead musician would you? If yes, who would you like to see?

Obviously, my first choice would be Michael Jackson, but other than that I would say Freddy Mercury would be so cool. Not just because he had an amazing voice, but he was such a great showman.

There's many more, but those two are on top of my list.
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Where is my Queen?
I don't know if I could do that. It would be to creepy to watch a dead man on stage and be able to enjoy myself. I might be able to do it for Elvis but that's about it.


I am the woolrus
Yeah i think i definitely would. I mean, i remember the concert they did when they just had a video of Elvis on a big screen and he was backed up by his original band/orchestra, and that alone looked like a great concert, so i can only imagine how much better a holographic elvis would be!


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If it was only going to be the hologram, then no, I wouldn't pay to see it live. If it's something similar as to how Snoop actually came out, then yeah, I'd probably go see it. TuPac would probably be one of the few, if not the only person I'd want to see it with. Now, saying that, if they somehow did a "duet" with TuPac and Biggy, that would be cool.


I've always wanted to see a Gorillaz concert, but I guess that's sort of different, since the band are cartoons and the only way you could really see them live was as holograms or some other form of animation.

As for seeing a band with real people live as holograms then yeah, I'd be up for it. I think it's pretty cool technology. Why just music though? With this type of technology I think it would be amazing to recreate famous historical figures performing well-known speeches etc. Now that I would pay to see.

Do you think this type of technology could ever adversely effect the music industry? I mean sure, in this example Tupac is dead, but what if they started using it for popular artists alive today. Someone like Lady Gaga sells out concerts to thousands all over. What if suddenly they could have more than one concert at once. She could be performing in one country, while holograms perform in other ones all at the same time.

It's an eerie thought, and that type of stuff could completely change the music industry. I guess in the end it depends if people will pay for an experience like a hologram while the real thing still exists.