Hollinger: Eight-Player Deal With Lakers Makes Sense



Reports of recent trade talks with the Lakers have proven faulty--the teams haven't talked in weeks. The LA Times says a deal is 'extremely remote'. Then, the Nets got a glimpse of a world without Kidd Tuesday night. Still, John Hollinger recommends an eight-player deal with the Lakers--Jason Kidd and Jason Collins for Jordan Farmar, Brian Cook, Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm, Aaron McKie, and Shammond Williams--plus two first rounders. The Asbury Park Press' Stephen Edelson and ESPN's Jon Barry disagree.

Crap, now I'm not going to enjoy the game as much.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Rob Thorn will not trade anyone, because he doesn't like the offers he has been getting. There's a lot of rumours that teams want Carter and Kidd, but those are only rumours, and there's no deal that impressed Thorn to pull the trigger. It seems that the two players that teams are most interested in are Jefferson and Kristic because of there contract, but those players aren't in the market.