Holiday leftovers


Son of Liberty
Well since Thanksgiving is over places like my house now have fridges full of leftovers. At your humble abode how do you go about ridding the leftovers? Do you have any special habits or recipes that you use to make that food disappear?

at my house we use the Turkey in lieu of Tuna... call it "Turkey Squish".

Its real simple, like making a Tuna Sandwich. Start by dicing the Turkey meat into the smallest parcels you can. Toss the now diced turkey in a bowl and dump a spoon full of mayonnaise to mix with it. Some people like to add maybe a drop of Mustard or diced celery... hell even some pickle relish.

It makes a nice white meaty paste that is awesome between two slabs of bread.


I am the edge!
Turkey Squish :lol: That's one of my favorite ways to eat leftover turkey as well. I like it with mayo and a little black pepper.

I also have a recipe for Dressing Bake that I use whenever I have a lot of leftover turkey or chicken: Combine 5 cups shredded turkey (or chicken), 6 slices of bread (cubed or shredded), 1 can of cream of mushroom soup, 1 can of chicken noodle soup, stick of butter (melted), 1 egg (beaten), and poultry seasoning to taste (around 1 tsp. does it for me). Then bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. Easy and yummy. You can also throw some bread crumbs on top if you want to make it look pretty. :p


Sultan of Swat
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My family keeps leftovers all the time, but usually we don't do much with it, if we have some turkey left then we'll just make turkey sandwiches.

But your Turkey Squish sounds might delicious, I might try that one day.


Son of Liberty
nice a turkey soup sounds really good!?! Just curious would it be like a chicken style soup? or is it more of a beefy style broth?
:hah:I have never heard of the "Turkey Squish" thing before. Sounds nice.
I'm jealous of you guys with your leftovers :mad: Nothing beats a fridge full of little foil parcels of meat or potatoe-y stuff :D


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At my house we eat the turkey on sandwiches. As for leftover potato and stuffing we just heat them up and eat them. Not very exciting.
I'm with Emo: sandwiches. Taste great and they're healthy, too!

Other than that, we eat leftover yams, stuffing, potatoes, rolls and whatever else we have. It still has it's great taste even after a week. Just make sure you cover your turkey enough so it won't get frost on it.